Us Assault Weapon Ban **read First**


Assault Weapons Ban  

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Link-retort. Since you prefer arguing your point with individual examples with an appeal for emotion, what do you think about this? Without the gun, what would that family have done? Think of the kid in the house.

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I bought my mom a small. 380 this weekend.   She didn't like her old Taurus 357 she bought back in 1989 so we took it in.   I told her she could buy anything she wanted but she ended up with the lcp.   She put 50 rounds through it today and did pretty good at 7 yards. This thing is tiny....My lc9 is small, this is really small.  I shot it, it doesn't jump as bad as I thought it would. Don't know if I'd buy something that small unless I had to really carry something in a pocket. If I did I would get the raspberry one or purple. 

They gave us $260 for the Taurus, which is over double what she paid for it 27 years ago. 




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