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great shop clean and friendly. Best prices in in southern maine without loosing quality.everything from oil changes to transmission changes to lifting your truck or lowering your car windshields paint jobs they do it all. family owned and operated.

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    • By 9UPpbH6Cp
      Hello there!
      I'm going for my first subject, I recently bought a Volvo V70 from 1999, but I crashed the front…

      I managed to get all the needed replacements parts, but I can't reacht he 3 bottom bolts on the front section

      On the video we can see it better on why this is hard-to-reach:
      All pictures are on imgur, and I already asked a bit on reddit. I didn't find any YouTube video about it and it seems this is pretty similar on Volvo 850s, S70, C70 of the 90s.
      Thanks very much!
    • By ECF.jr
      2007 S80 V8 xenon bulb burned out on drivers side headlight. Replaced (careful not to touch) with new part. Still will not come on. Help!
    • By Jameshufford
      So I hit a curb on the passenger side hard enough to bend the front rim and popped both front and rear tire the front hub is probably 2 inches bent back and I think the control arm is bent but what I am worried about is that now there is a severe vibration in park at idel and I'm hoping it's an engine mount what do you guys think there is no cel but something may have gotten unplugged from the impact 
    • By Max Meade
      Hey guys!
      My car has been making noises in the front right strut whenever I go over bumps, so I took it to a mechanic today to get an idea of what is wrong. Unfortunately, once I got it up on the rack, it looked pretty bad. Although I used to baby my car, these days I just do not have the time to take care of it. It's starting to look like I will be paying for that now.
      I got a quote from the mechanic (attached), who says I need to replace the shock mounts, front lower control arms, drive axles, ball joints, etc. on both sides. He seems like a trustworthy mechanic and they have good reviews, but just to be safe (had a really bad experience with my last mechanic), I wanted to run it by some of you on here who have a much better idea of what I should be looking at than me. I posted some pictures of what I say under the car as well. I really just want an opinion on whether or not everything recommended is necessary, and if they prices for parts/labor is realistic. 
      Thanks everyone.

    • By woah4
      Hey everyone,
      I have a 2005 V70 Awd I picked up for peanuts because the awd is not working, I throws a "traction control service" fault upon start up, and drives totally fine in fwd. I was told by the Previous owner that the haldex module got moisture in it and needs replacement, but that the pump is supposedly fine. What is the interchangability of the haldex modules between different cars? I would love to go through zemodex and replace the module and pump, but at the price point I will have to wait until next year as a minimum and I could really use the awd now. The PO also told me that he inquired about getting this module repaired and was told they could not repair it due to the water entry, although I am not sure if it was zemodex he talked to or how true that was. Am I smart to just do the full replacement or might it be worth my time and a little bit of money to throw a second hand module at it maybe even if just for this winter to get me through?