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here is the photo of my homemade MAF https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxpiRfrptP3yeWNqODFsbWFMYjA/edit?usp=sharing

i've tried the 1.6 factor but its the same thing, very rich mixture with black smoke, i just can get the car idling and runing with original MAF table and at idle it's reading 27/28 KG/HR and a maximum of 408KG/HR i've checked with 2 diag equipments, so i thinks my MAF sensor is gone! =/

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Your self made maf housing looks all right !

Only thing: try to mount an airstraightner in it, it does make a difference.

The sensor isn't an original Bosch for sure.

Get rid of it !!

All aftermarket sensors are just crap without exception, I wouldn't be surprised that this thing is the cause of your problems.

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Just been out and done a log, Strange results.

I still have the starting issue
When the misfire occurs at idle, the AFR goes to 16, When the fan kicks in, the engine nearly stall's and the AFR goes to 17 then STFT goes up to 25.

Low knock on 1

Virtually no knock on 2

Lots of knock on 3 (-11.00)

810-1530rpm up to load 3.02 has knock on 4 which is odd

some mid range knock (7.500 highest) on 5

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I have been working on disabling the immobilizer in M4.4, I have understand that it is only the binary that makes the difference between a immo ECU and non immo ECU. like the -607 non immo box

does someone know of a binary for a M4.4 N/A engine without immo ? I cant seem to find one


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Right, still have the starting issue but things are SO much better now. All I've done it modified the rocker cover slightly (hope it doesn't cause any issues) so coil 5 could be bolted down and reset then ECU.

1,2 & 4, No knock apart from at full load, an then its only very very minimal,

3 has a bit once boosting, -6.750 max and on

5, -9 on 3 occasions.


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