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That's odd because I have checked the light without mine running by sending lowercase "o". It sends back Ro and doesn't reply anymore after that until a drive cycle is completed. I have had issues with the ECM maintaining map selection from igniition on-start-on. It will remember the map until I actually start the car. Then it reverts to map 0(MIL on constant). I tried a basic 607 with just the fuel constant and dead times changed, to no avail. However, OBDII functionality works just fine with the car not running.

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I have gotten used to the idea of just doing my code scans when the car is running, but then I started thinking about it some more last night.

What happens when I have a no start situation and I need to scan for codes?

Or if I'm on a road trip broken down and the shop can't scan.

Is there a fix for this?

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Usually when a ME4.4 car doesn't start, it doesn't throw any codes... At least that's what happened to a friend of mine (it's true, it was an 850 M4.3). Car ran normally, then we went for a pizza. We stopped the car, ate the pizza, then when we wanted to leave, the car didn's start anymore. No spark to the plugs. Turned out to be a bad camshaft sensor, but the scanner showed no codes whatsoever.

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That's very odd indeed.

I certainly can read obd codes with the engine off, after sending an "o" with real temp first.

(I use brickdiag for reading the codes, but with other scanners it should be possible too, I imagine)

It's with the engine running I can't read OBD codes.

I'am using the rev5 bin.

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I saw something very interesting last night that I thought I would mention. I started having this odd powerloss/jerky behavior when WOT. Going through logs I noticed that I was getting 12.5 degrees of timing retard when no knock (active or adaptive) was present. Looking at all my parameters I saw that ZWGETR (gear engagement retard) was responsible for the timing pull. I zero'd out both the 'timing retard on automatic transmission gear shift' and 'maximum time for timing retard on gear engagement' and the behavior went away.

I had assumed that those maps were only functional in automatic .bins, but turns out they are functional in manual .bins as well.

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