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I saw something very interesting last night that I thought I would mention. I started having this odd powerloss/jerky behavior when WOT. Going through logs I noticed that I was getting 12.5 degrees of timing retard when no knock (active or adaptive) was present. Looking at all my parameters I saw that ZWGETR (gear engagement retard) was responsible for the timing pull. I zero'd out both the 'timing retard on automatic transmission gear shift' and 'maximum time for timing retard on gear engagement' and the behavior went away.

I had assumed that those maps were only functional in automatic .bins, but turns out they are functional in manual .bins as well.

I'm sure Matt would love to know that, I know he's had some pretty good results with what he's already tried to combat his knock, but this may help as well.

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Could someone please explain to me the 2 acceleration enrichment tables? Thank you!

Ps went to larger mass housing had to do a lot of retunning but was totally worth it. Now I can use the ecu to raise the psi more and tune for that raise.

Did you refer to the M44 Wikia MAF section to rescale your MAF table? That should be the only retuning required.

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Since lowering the Start Basic Injection values, the AFR's have been leaner during warmup - excessively lean, IMO. I even lowered the Warmup Table values back to stock settings.

I don't understand why that would be the case - I thought this table only influenced flow when cranking. I also reset the Lambda Delay values back closer to stock than shown here, as that also seems to be an issue when coolant temps are 10º or less.


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Look at 0xF18B Overthere is the time for theoretical lambda readyness. It is in seconds.

After this time plus the time for 8 lambda swings the ECU goes into lambda modus.

I decreased the value to 12 seconds. Total time before lambda regulation is about 20 seconds.

I have the impression that the "delay time for lambda regulation on" does not do very much.

Add the extra parameter I mentioned earlier instead. ;)

This one above?

That is not tied to a temperature value like the delay tables?

You need a HexEditor to do that, correct? Do you have a screenshot of that line of code before & after? How do you fix the checksum after editing?

I'm willing to try various things, since I have such a hard time with cold start / warmup with the 1085cc injectors in low ambient temps.

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Here is a list of the ADC channels courtesy of ecuproject.com

ADC Channels in Motronic 4.4:

channel 0: Throttle Position Sensor

channel 1: Battery

channel 2: Front HO2S heating

channel 3: ECT

channel 4: MAF

channel 5: Rear HO2S signal

channel 6: Knock Sensors

channel 7: Front HO2S signal

channel 8: Ambient Temp Sensor

channel 9: Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

channel 10: switched channel (Baro, ECU Box Temp, A/C Pressure, Rear HO2S Heating,...)

channel 11: Vertical Acceleration Sensor

I would definitely use the Fuel Tank Pressure sensor channel.

if you are looking for a second channel you can use the ambient temp senosr channel, but you will need to wire it straight to that channel and bypass the voltage divider circuit. You'll also need a resistor most likely for current limiting reasons.

You can also use channel 10 baro sensor. This channel is switched through the SCL4402 chip and takes some extra logic to get working. I don't believe I fully tested this one.

I think the most recent and better approach is to use an arduino to feed in more input into tuner pro and a custom ADX plugin. I got a version up and running of this long ago and then sent the source code to one of the other developers on here (I dont remember who and im sure theyll chime in) and they did some modifications and got it fully functional.

This should be added to the Wikia, no? In the Data Logging Section? I tried to have a go at editing & adding this as a sub-category, however I don't know what I'm doing so I gave up :arob:

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You dont need an hex editor. Just create an new XDF parameter.Under XDF menu.

Make is a scalar it is nor related to other values. Should look like this:


a few lambda cyles later than this time in seconds, lambda regulation will start.

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Okie dokie, I have my LPT me 4.4 ECU purchased off ebay.
Can anyone suggest a map that should be used for my 98R as I understand it my R should be the same as a T5 engine. im a bit confused as there are so many xdf and BIN files out there.

Again my plans are to remove sas system, kill the second o2 sensor and bump the boost a little maybe 14 psi ?
I will be running a complete free flow exhuast no CAT and planing on a 3 inch to dual 2.5 outlet.

Oh and I believe I have the White injectors = 350 CC (MY1997 + R's)

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He doesn't need an LPT file though. The stock maps in the 607/608 binaries are for strictly the base T5 cars. It's a "222hp" factory map. Find MotronicSuite and it comes with stock binaries for a number of cars. Look at the factory ECM and write down the part number, which should be something like 0261204xxx. Then look in the binary folder for MS for the file named with that part number. That will have factory R maps to start with. You will have to copy the R maps over to the 607/608 .BIN in TunerPro but it's not a major ordeal and it gives you a factory base to start with instead of starting with the regular T5 tune. If you need some help, PM me and I can send you a file from my copy of MotronicSuite. Just give me the ECM part number from your factory one.

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I don't know if any you are having trouble with this, but I updated the FTDI and now its bricked my VagCom.

Before I start diving in, anyone have links to a walk around/the older driver available? Link?

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