Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

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Can someone post up a high res photo of the inside of their m4.4 boards? I wanna start getting some datasheet for the various IC's so i can figure out whats going on.

Is the picture included with MotronicSuite not good enough? I can get a high res picture of the front and back if you need something better.

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It's pretty good but I want to see if there is a hardware difference between the non turbo and turbo

The hardware appears to be the same, at least it was on the m4.3 I did for my son. I flashed a non-turbo m4.3 ecu with the Euro R manual file (626) and it worked fine. BCS was fully functional. M4.4 may be different though...

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M4.3 I know has the same internals, but M4.4 I have heard does not. If someone could take apart their M4.4 N/A box we could compare the internals.

From what I can see it is missing a couple of components.

From what I have been told the NA 4.4 is missing the BCS circuitry.

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