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I'am not very happy about it either, I have to admit.

Together witht Maarten we are working on a modification of the bin for its next revision which is a scalable factor with wich a larger MAF can be easily implemented by simply filling in a conversionfactor appropriate for that MAF through the XDF

Makes sense.

I added a note in the Wikia to reference the derivative, and that it is untested.

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I don't have patience to work out how the whole disassembled code works, so I just picked a subject and poked into it.

Sometimes I find gold, sometimes nothing. There is no plan behind it.

If you ever have the time, I'd love to know if other parameters can also be added to the ADX for logging, such as Dwell Times :D I have no clue how to remotely investigate such a thing....

Could please someone update the wikia link in the "Binaries and TunerPro Files" to


It would keep people from scratching their heads about what to use. I'm on my phone now.


OK done.

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Edit: As pointed out by others later, F923 is Drosselklappwinkel, which is NOT Dwell but throttle angle.

There appears to be several different values with slightly different purpose, offset and value conversion.

XRAM F923 might be what you're after. This has been the same in the few files I have been looking at so far.

F923 is also found in predefined records for D2 logging. (10 tables of 20 values that can be selected and read with one request.)

The predefined dynamic records can be helpful in comparing RAM addresses from files without damos to a file with damos.

Parameter numbers are another source. On ME7 this was quite straight forward, on M4.4 this would be harder to automate.


Parameter 19: "F/TRIMID"
inc R2
mov DPTR, #0xF804 ;TRA Leckluftkorrektur der LRA
movx A, @DPTR
mov DPTR, #0xFB85
movx @DPTR, A
sjmp code_BCF3
In a different file, F804 could be replaced with another RAM address containing the same value.
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Bumping in again here. I've been looking with more attention in my logs, and I think the ADX description for XTV_VS is a little off.

The description says "TCV duty cycle value _before_ adjustments from the boost control logic, as in the value from the KFTVVSLDR map."

As far as I see from my logs, XTV_VS is actually the value in KFTVVSLDR minus the LDR Duty Cycle correction for intake temperature ! That's the start value that afterwards gets corrected by the I and P part integrators to get the final TCV duty cycle. So XTV_VS is actually the value _before_ adjustments from the boost control logic, but _after_ the intake temp corrections.

At 7 degrees intake temperature for example, at 4200rpm, 70% throttle, KFTVVSLDR in the map is 82.031 but logged XTV_VS is 0.496, which is 82.031 in the map minus around 40% reduction due to intake temp, which would be boost reduction value between 0 and 10 degrees celsius.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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F923 has to do with the throttle position sensor angle not with dwell. { auf LL-Winkel bezogener DK-Winkel |umr:wdk|}

DK:= drosselklappe (throttle)

I don't know what is meant by LL maybe LeerLauf??

Edited by Piet
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Leerlauf = Idle, I know.

But I don't know for sure if leerlauf is meant with LL.

I don't think logging dwell is very usefull anyway. You'll most likely find values for it exactly the same as in the table, because the controller doesn't do any additional alterations after retrieving the value out of the dwell table.

Edited by Piet
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I guess I can't trust my internal babelfish. (Drossel was translated to coil in my head.)

How about these:

0057 Offenwinkel fuer Ausgabe |umr: ZAHN, 6grd|
0058 Schliesswinkel-Ausgabe |umr: ZAHN, 6grd|
0059 Schliesswinkel |umr: ZWON, 0.75 gradKW|
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I find the Damos terminology sometimes difficult to comprehend

ZWON = {Zuendwinkel ohne Offset} (Ignition angle wthout offset)

Sliesswinkel is the angle that the coil circuit is closed and the coil is charged therefore the dwell.

There are 60 (-2) teeth (wich could be actually holes) on the flywheel for the RPM sensor (cranksensor), so every tooth (hole) represents 360/60 = 6 degr

I guess umr stands for "umrechnung" (conversion)

Where the KW in 0.75 grad KW comes from, I don't know.......

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