Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

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Thanks Mr C.!

There it was at 0x7E0C; will give it a try..

FYI: from post #3011 on pg 151:

"I have the auto trans, -607 file, and that byte is not "5A". On the -607 file the location is 0x7E0C (I believe). I found the same byte sequence there.

I changed mine and will flash tomorrow, hope it works! Will post back to let everyone know.


Yep; that worked; very nice!


Updating the link:


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Having some big problems socketing my M44s. I socketed 2x PLCC32 sockets on both my 850's M44 and my friend's V70 M44... the ECUs were working perfectly before and as far as I could tell the sockets were laid down in the correct orientation and soldered correctly. I checked continuity across the socket and connected traces on the both boards and they both seem to be socketed well. Yet, neither my Ostrich or the stock flash EPROMs work in either ECU... for long at least. The cars would occaisonally start and then shut off with the fan coming on intermittently with a bunch of relays clicking off. I removed the stock flash EPROMs from both boards using a hot air gun and with aluminum foil insulating the surrounding area of the board. I oven reflowed the V70's M44 and the same issue is happening. I'm getting stumped now and I need a socketed M44 for my 850 which is getting a 20G and already has a BMW 3.25" MAF & Red Injectors. Any advice?

I'm looking for a socketed M44 if anyone has one to sell as well... PM if you have one.

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Is it a Ostrich 2.0 inside perhaps? I have a 4.3 TT-ECU. Is there any difference hardware-wise between a stock 4.4 ostrich-rebuild vs. 4.4 TT-ECU's? How does the trace function work in the turbo-tuner program? I thought the obd cable was needed in order to get load and rpm info i tunerpro. Can you tune and know where you are in the map without having the obd cable input aswell? I've read that both cables is needed while livetuning.

A lot of questions but i'm new to ostrich tuning so far. Last livetuning was done with turbo-tuner before the M4.4 swap.

// Turboforslund

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Yes it's a normal Ostrich 2.0

Mine was TT4.3, so we couldn't experiment on a M4.4 TT.

But I wouldn't be suprised if you could just upload a tuners rejoice bin into it.

(if you want to preserve the TT bin, you have to dowload that first with Tunerpro of course)

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