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I have greens.

I use a buck converter keeping the Injector voltage on a constant 14 volt, so I have only determined dead time at 14 volt wich is 0.526 in my case.

And.... do yourself a favour ..... get an ostrich :)

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Just to share my experience with this, I tried using a buck-boost set to 14.4v with inputs/outputs (two combined to one port, I didn't have a 5 pole Bosch connector) to all five injectors - I couldn't get it to idle with it attached. Not sure what was up with my version, but after a few tries, I gave up. I really don't have problems using the table as presented, I just have to tweak the dead times over the voltage range I see (13.2 - 14v) when logging system voltage



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It's certainly not absolutely necessary to use a buck boost converter to get good results.

It's just somewhat easier to get the right dead times (or dead time actually), for its only necessary to do the iteration for one injectorvoltage.

And you can let the injector open faster all the way, but on the other hand the ECU does a pretty good job in compensating longer opening times by increasing the dead time.

Maybe only at idle using extremely large injectors a shortest possible openingtime with aid of the buck converter could be noticeable.

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@Piet: dimensions confirmed, Magneti Marelli housing is 70mm interior, 80mm exterior (2.75" ID with 3.1" OD)

I'll put the greens after installing the S90 MAF, and play a little with them, of course using your iteration. It won't be easy as I don't have an Ostrich unfortunately :( If I remember correctly, there were some dead times for greens specified on this thread, which worked pretty good, I'll just have to dig them out.

M.C. Curious as to how you're installing the S90 MAF; using the volvo aribox or a pod?

I'm using the 9445349 airbox housing razorz mentioned >here. I modded the airbox and MAF housing so it slides into the box about an inch or so. Makes it easier to get an elbow hose to line up and fit the sconeman J-pipe. Looks stock from exterior.

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Quick wastegate question. What are you guys running for preload and in relation to what boost target?

I am about to replace my turbo with a 20T (only temporarily until I get the resources to go Garrett) and with a new kinugawa actuator. I guess now that we have full control of the load maps, we should be setting the wastegate to as low as possible (while being able to reach the boost target), thus giving as much control as possible to the ECU?

Or am I really missing something? have never really got my head around the interaction between wastegate pretension and load maps...

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The wastegate preload determines the maximum boost level you can reach.

I've been experimenting with it with my 19T

I'have the preload now set to the stock 4.5 psi.

With this my max boost is 1.4 bar which is the upper limit for the 19T to be efficient.

I had turned up the preload to 7 psi making 1.7 bar boost but with no gains in power.

So it depends on the characteristics of the turbo wich will be the ideal preload.

For a 19T 4.5 psi seems to be optimal preload, I don't know what it will be for a 20T though.

Optimal is a preload that allows a maximum boost equal to the max boost in which the turbo still operates within its effeciency range.

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The important factors is the ratios between springforce, membrane area, wastegate hole diameter and exhaust pressure pre-turbo. The bigger the membrane is the lower you can go down in baseboost with the same springforce. Low baseboost levels is good for fuel economy and can be bad in response with more turbolag (no boostreserve).

Benefits with low baseboost levels comes with a lot of finetune work. Everything becomes a bit more sensitive.

// Turboforslund

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Hi All,

I have created a new xdf for 607-608 bins with:

Bin Information:

- Hardware Version

- Software Version

- Calibration Version

(put in text, numbers or any info you would like to store in the bin like injector/maf size, general setup etc.)

AC Mod:

- Ac Mod for 607 bins

- Ac Mod for 608 bins

Value of 0=mod active for (only for 850 cars) or 1= mod inactive (for X70 cars)

My xdf can be found here If you want to give it a try: (https://www.dropbox.com/s/bu4d5f4ow1fe4vv/rev5b_607-608_fox%20_02.xdf?dl=0

// Turboforslund

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