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Really eager to get my 850 up and running and play around with the new bin and my big turbo... feels like my childhood christmas all over again :D:D Great work as usual Piet, venderbroeck and all the other guys who contribute to the rev!! 

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Afaik, the rev6 bin simply volvo released is the latest one.
It had code added for launch control, and he was working on flat foot shifting.
It also had some parameters added to the adx.
I'm probably basing the new release on rev6.

I'm going to create a changelog for the new release, and a manual explaining some of the new features.

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I've finished my newest mod, and I've tested it as far as I could with my tiny 15g.

I need another tester though.
Tester should have:

-a large turbocharger
-a large maf sensor (both should be large enough to easily hit the load cap @ 12.24 ms)
-opportunity to do some highway pullage

Preferably the stock manner of boost control would still be in use as well.
Please send a PM with the bin, adx, and xdf you're using atm if you want to help.

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Has anyone successfully added additional pins to the ECU socket? I know that Razorx did, but I can't find the post now. 

I've been trying to remove the pins from an old harness, but can't seem to get them out without mangling them. I've been looking for the correct terminal release tool, but haven't had any luck.

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