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​On my bench flashing setup i have to crank up the pwr supply to almost 16v; otherwise i get erase and/or pgming errors.  Also the laptop (really old ibm thinkpad) has to be plugged into the wall or I get same issues.  FWIW.

​i am also having this issue, volt meter says its a constant 13.8v but im getting a erase timeout error... tried two different 13.8v power supplies but running into the same error..... 

may just say f it and solder in a switch..... 

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Hey guys... I am new to all of this and I am trying to start some logs...

I believe I have the correct VagCom cable (The one Tightmodman suggested on the wiki) and I am having a hard time actually getting it to "communicate"

I watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPdSKT6KdF8  and all makes sense, but I can't "update drivers" it wont let me. I can troubleshoot the FTDI using windows and it found an update for me to install but I also read somewhere that it could "brick" my potentially fake chip.

Any advice?

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That's great!

Is it possible to post the address in the bin and the old and new value. (If it is as simple as logging battery voltage)

I am currently connecting Boost and AFR off my AEM Failsafe wideband to the ECU and rather use B32 (and B31) in stead of the rear O2.

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Meth Injection Mod

I used B32 for a meth injection mod.


Above a certain load (adjustable with the XDF)  I let the ECU activate the pump by grounding the relais through the former SAS pump pin: B38.

As a safety the lead goes through a fluidlevel detector mounted in the reservoir, when the fluidlevel in the reservoir gets to low the pump can't be activated.

The ECU then checks if the sytem is working through the pressure sensor connected to the ADC channel B32.  If it senses that the system is working it switches to a special mapset that can be tuned for meth injection (AFR, ignition, load req and TCV).

This way I don't have to worry about whether there's enough alcohol micture in the reservoir, when for some reason the system isn't working the ECU will automatically use the normal (non meth)  mapset.

I just use the windscreen washer reservoir by the way, a 50% alhohol water mixture is also an excellent screenwasher fluid.

It does work like a charm.

On my carputerscreen I can see when there is a meth injection request and if there is pressure with the tunerpro logging system..

I can turn the meth injection on and off through the XDF.

Total costs 290 dollar.


A next upgrade will  be to replace the pressure sensor by an aquamist flow sensor, this way I can let the ECU monitor if flow stays within it's normal range and if  the system is working properly.

I decided to let it functioning only in 3th, 4th and 5th gear.  This way I can use two mapsets for "boost by gear for 1th and 2th gear" without creating more mapsets.

Load doesn't get that high in first and second gear anyhow.


For now I installed the nozzle in place off the IAT sensor for convenience.  

Although I have  a very short pipe between intercooler and throttle body,  I wil  install it even more closer to the throttlebody later on.








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That is a verry cool setup!

Can you create a dutycycle output on B38? Than you can calculate and create a perfect WM/Fuel mixture.

Can you explain what i can change in the bin that i can log the B32?

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we flashed the 607_rev5b.bin (modified for orange injectors) to a 2.5LPT that has 16T. Everything seems to be working but the check engine light stays on. It lights maybe 5 seconds after starting the engine. Does the LPT miss something that should be disabled in the bin? Could it be the checksum? The CEL does not light if we don't start the engine after flashing.

Should we be able to diagnose it with VOL-FCR? We have tried to send an "o" or "O" after turning on the ignition but we're unable to connect via Vol-FCR or OBD2 software.

edit: maybe the baud rate should be set to 125000 when sending an "o"?

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baud rate
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