Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

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Very helpfull information Russ, thanks !   :)



Very helpfull indeed... with this information I could find the routine in the bin which takes care of this. ! :D





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I grabbed the ECU box base, OBDII connector and ECU from a 98 V70XC yesterday and am trying to make a tabletop flashing station of sorts.

I removed the unnecessary wires, but my ECU base plug has no B8 wire, it's missing.

Has anyone had any success removing a wire from another port and putting it into B8?

I tried for 30 minutes last night with a very small flat-head screwdriver to remove the wire and got no where.

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The terminals are called "mini ISO". If you search that, you will see pics that show the spring tabs on either side that have to be depressed in order for the connector to be easily extracted. Needles or other spring steel thin shafts inserted on either side will work. There is a special tool that works best. J 38571-304



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I think there is an issue with the wiki link, for the voltage stepper its not bringing up the correct page :( http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/topic/159506-tuners-rejoice-free-tuning-for-m44/page-232#entry2362282 

It's not the only thing that goes wrong with this slow new site.

Development of it seems to have stopped too

Can't we just get our old site back?

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Does this 3-3-5 code affects car's performance?

l also have had this 3-3-5 code ever since m4.4 conversion.

So, would you mind sharing the mod?:)

So.. it is more common then...

I guess that the ones combining a M44 with a 850 TCU without having the error code were just Lucky then.. :)


The code 3-3-5 doesn't affect the car's performance. The only annoyance is that it turns the lambda light on.


You can fix this issue by simply change the value on address $F314 from CA  to FF


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Can we use regular Wikipedia?

Wheresgeocitys when you need them ?

Also, I suggest you change the wiring of the voltage step up device. the switch should be on the b8 not a27. This would allow you to adjust the voltage in the car without putting the car in boot mode.

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