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I have a question for some of the experienced tuners on this page. I was reading the wiki trying to prepare myself to start tuning (for real this time guys... :lol:) and it says to tune WOT enrichment table for every pull at WOT. Does that mean that it is bad to tune the part load table, even if WOT is producing values that are applicable to that table? It seems like WOT enrichment should be a worst case scenario kind of thing (after the MAF is maxed etc.)... Any guidance here would be much appreciated!

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I would try turning off adaptive knock by going under the knock tap setting motor temperature threshold for adaptive knock to the highest possible value.

I bet almost all of the knock you are seeing is adaptive, because it takes quite a long time for adaptive to stop influencing ignition retard after the ECU sees even a tiny bit of knock.

The engine will still detect knock if its detected, just no adaptive knock. IMO when tuning the ignition map its probably a good idea to turn off adaptive, tune your map to your liking then turn it back on, so if later down the road if your car has an issue and you arent logging for a couple of days / weeks the ECU can still keep the motor safe by having adaptive knock, instead of always having to dynamically detect the same knock, which might save your motor.

Added a note in the m44 wiki tuning section to reflect this 

Discussion here

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Thanks Piet, glad that you answered because I probably would have tuned the enrichment table. Should I edit the Wiki?

I prefer to set the complete WOT enrichement table to 1 and only tune the VE table for AFR.

With and without wideband mod.

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Well,checked again for vacuum leaks,amd dialed the greens again. I used the dead times you folks use, they are very similar to what I calculated. No vacuum leak confirmed once again by the fact that I had to use a constant of 0.69!!!! to get to 14.7 AFR at idle. I also get to 14.7 AFR in 2nd at constant 3000rpm (couldn't drive faster today,I will check again in the evening). By the way, can't we check AFR at constant low loads by just keeping the engine at 3000rpm without putting it in gear ? Or is that a too low load to get consistent results ?

I think I also found out why the AFR difference with the same settings. When tuning the dead times, I was with the hood up, therefore it was drawing cooler,denser air. After 2-3 pulls, hood closed, at the next stop light, air was considerably hotter, and less dense,therefore screwing my settings.

For you non ostrich-ers, I think this experience should help you nail things faster. Tune dead times with hood popped up or you will have a big difference in AFR between cold and hot engine bay like I had :). And also use the alternate maps, you get 4 shots in one flash, when looking for the injector constant.

Hope this helps.

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The beauty of a hot wire MAF sensor is that it can measure airmass independent of the air temperature.

So there should be no differences with the hood open or closed.

. By the way, can't we check AFR at constant low loads by just keeping the engine at 3000rpm without putting it in gear ? Or is that a too low load to get consistent results ?


If you can manage to keep the engine real steady at 3000 RPM that way then yeah.

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Thanks Piet,

I really cannot explain otherwise the differences between the measurements. I stabilised the afr to 14.7 at idle, did two pulls, came back home, afr is 13.8 at idle. Popped the hood, and it crept back to 14.5-14.6. I know it should compensate, but God knows what's happening.

Also plugged completely the evap lines, so no influence from that little sucker.

Re-enabled the fuel trims now, will see the LTFT's later on.

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Ok, took it for a spin. LTFT started from -3%, and in mixed driving (constant and a few pulls), it raised to 0%. Hooray !! Also fueled with RON99 and there is a lot less knocking now. Pulls very good at 1 bar,lowest AFR seen was around 12.5@5000rpm.

Thank you for bearing with me through this.

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Here are my greens :

Injector basic adjustment factor - 0.6953
Dead times (opening time by voltage - msec) :

5V - 4.973
6V - 4.973
7V - 3.685
8V - 2.028
9V - 1.755
10V - 1.345
11V - 1.131
11.5V - 1.034
12V - 0.956
12.5V - 0.877
13V - 0.799
13.5V - 0.741
14V - 0.683
14.5V - 0.643
15V - 0.585
16V - 0.449


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What are peoples AFR's when starting from cold, ambient temp about 15oC? Mine seems a bit rich, High 11's

Mine can drop lower than that - sometimes momentary high 10's (!)  - I do have 1100cc's, though. Playing with Idle/Startup settings has been necessary, along with Warmup Table values. Still have start/stall issues on occasion. It's an ongoing adjustment process.... 

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My Greens Constant was 7657

Thanks Rob and Hussain

Sunday Boredom and rain has gotten the better of me, Ive just been going through some of my logs and found something strange, ZWNEU is always im the minus, Not just a little minus, but a lot, -50 ish. Is this normal on a COP bin?


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