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I had already noticed different TPS values when logging with tunerpro or when using for instance OBDII with Torque App but I didn't bother with it that much.

But actually the ADX file seems to have that error on the conversionf factor.

However, and at least on my adx file, when I'm on trace mode and when I'm looking at the TCV/target load tables the trace is stuck on the first column (TPS <=25). The trace just bounces up and down in the first column according to the RPMs.

I noticed it is missing the X Axis DA Link but it seems I can't put it ok.

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That's what I did before trying to solve it but it was not working anyway.

Tried again after restarting tunerpro and now works.

About the TPS difference yes, with the correct conversion factor it is supposed to be the same as OBDII/torque app.

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1 hour ago, V_T5 said:

Tried to make a purchase from your online store. During checkout it keeps redirecting me and saying error.  Not sure if you are aware of this issue.

Anyways, I need to order something,  please contact me. Thanks


Wrong topic maybe ??

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On 3/12/2016 at 0:46 PM, Piet said:

Just select "ëxplicit" and select "TPS" in the "Select X Axis DA Item" box.


After correction of the TPS conversionfactor, TPS values logged with TunerPro should be the same as seen by the Torque app.

Thanks, I've never gotten that to work!!!!!

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Maybe we can keep this thread free of such messages and focus on the topic instead... ;)

I have done a little testing with the extended map bins and they are really promising. I personally benefit a lot from the higher resolution, especially of the load setpoint map.
My turbo can generate a load of ~8 at 2500 rpm and ~11 at 3000 rpm. In the regular bins the 2500 and 3000 rpm cell follow each other directly. In the extended bin I can put in an intermediate step to control the boost onset a bit better.
Currently I have to solve some mechanical issues and then will continue testing.

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I figured this would be the best place to ask since you guys are all imside these ECU's and you really know whats going on.

I was wondering what octane fuel the stock volvo ecu is written for so I did some searching. 

per owners manual " Volvo engines are designed for optimum performance on unleaded premium gasoline with an octane rating. AKI of 91, or above. AKI (ANTI KNOCK INDEX) is an average of the Research Octane Number, RON, and the Motor Octane Number, MON, (RON + MON/ 2). 
The minimum octane requirement is AKI 87 (RON 91)."

This is conflicting in itself and a crock of stuff. Your engine cant have "optimum performance" at 2 different octane levels, say 91 vs 94, is one or the other. 

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