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I'm sorry maybe for a silly question, but how I can change values for injector opening time for greens? Wiki says that for greens you should use this settings:

Voltage Opening Time
5.00 5.8177
5.99 5.1556
6.97 3.6624
8.03 2.1693
9.02 1.7676
10.00 1.3659
10.99 1.1322
11.48 1.0412
11.97 0.9502
12.47 0.8815
13.03 0.8127
13.52 0.7528
14.02 0.6928
14.51 0.6437


But in TunerPro  the maximum value can be 4.9725. What should I do?

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With my greens 0.75 as injector constant  and 0.52 as dead time.


There are two types of greens with different capacities: 448cc/min and 418cc/min

The latter being the original volvo greens.


Mine are 448 cc/min

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Mine are also theoretically OEM greens but with your figures my idle AFR goes up to 16. And I'm very sure I have no vacuum leaks :)

There are a lot of threads out there quoting greens at 448cc others at 418cc, both talking about genuine bosch and not china knock-offs. After all I guess it's still up to personal experimenting.


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