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Checked it in the bin:

As for your question: "Is the "injection time" as logged (VTI) the actual and only injection time sent to the injectors? "

Yes it is.

It's the one and only signal passed to the chip that drives the injectors.

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On 10/15/2017 at 3:09 PM, venderbroeck said:

The fuel map stays in the 1.x range because you calibrate the injector constant to make it so.
So with properly calibrated injectors you would expect the ve map to be close to 1.
If you wouldn't change the injector constant, then yes you would see quite different numbers in the ve map.

Load is also dependent on RPM, so you would have to take that into account if you want to check the difference between injectors.

I cant get to this.  i need go down 1.x range for leaning. If i make constant for  nice AFR on stock VE map at idle, my cars runs into lean if i try to go  ;D(and cant start too). Can it be i run E85?

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17 hours ago, Tightmopedman9 said:

Remember that the evaporative emissions routine was removed by Mercuric to make space for logging, mapswitching and other functions. 

I double checked, and my EVAP valve is still operated by the ECU. It clicks pretty rapidly (as I think is normal, as it doubles the cycling frequency every now and then) sometimes when idling, not sure if it operates during part-load too. Taking the connector off stops the clicking and throws a CEL straight away, so the routine must still be in the ECU. Are you sure it was removed? Maybe it's been partially removed, making my ECU not compensate properly.

Otherwise, I suspect everything to be working as it should, except for the 'check valve' i'm missing between the EVAP valve and intake manifold. This could be some sort of flow-restrictor, making me draw in too much petrol fumes. Can anyone confirm? I tested the valve itself and it works perfectly. No voltage = absolute seal on the canister-end, while it draws vacuum when it's cycling.

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Sorry, the routine wasn't entirely deleted, but it was truncated. 

The code used for the EVAP diagnostics was removed and was replaced with the code that was executed when the EVAP diagnostics check bit was disabled. 

I had similar issues with rich spikes while idling on my own car and a few customers' (not all though). I moved the EVAP code back and the issue seemed to never come back.

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14 hours ago, Boxman said:

Can the EVAP code just be moved back without harm to the rest of the bin (e.g. what code exactly did it replace), and is there a bin online somewhere that still has this code?

That would be no problem if there’s enough memory space left for it.

Although.... several variables of the EVAP routine have been reused in some mods......

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3 hours ago, Piet said:

Although.... several variables of the EVAP routine have been reused in some mods......

Could that cause the erratic activation of the purge valve, wrongfull call of one of those variables? Or is that not how it works.

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