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On 12/18/2018 at 9:48 PM, Tightmopedman9 said:

Sorry for the confusion, I typed up that response hastily and didn't really pay attention to what I posted.

I was able to find my notes from the 'fix' and the problem was that the compressor would click on once, and immediately turn off, never to turn on again until the car was restarted. Maybe it was just a problem with their AC pressure sensor malfunctioning, but they did mention that they tested high and low side pressure when the problem was occurring and both were in spec. 

Probably disabling the pressure error shut off isn't the best course of action, but if you want to do so you can set 0xCAC6 & 0xCAC7 to 00. 

It could be that you need to increase the cold start factor at higher coolant temps, while leaving the lower coolant temp values the same. 

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. But a question would be ... why? Would it not be rich in both instances.??


Maybe because i raised the fuel rail pressure to 4 bar? Maybe the higher pressure reacts differently at different temps?

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Well, I finally get home, and the weather decides to cool off again...

I checked the AC function this morning on the way to an appointment, and it was warm enough for the AC to kick on.

By the time I'd gotten home and was able to try the flashed ECU, it had cooled off enough to where the ECU wouldn't allow the AC to engage...so it there was no point of trying to swap the flashed ECU with Piet's modded bin.

It's not supposed to be warm enough the rest of the day and until after X-mas for me to be able to try again. 

Sorry for the delays. Just can't seem to get the weather to cooperate.


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FINALLY something to report. It was warm enough today for me to try out @Piet's modified -607 bin.

I think we have a partial success.

When I installed the ECU with the hybrid -607 bin with -936 AC routines, the AC compressor kicks on, but the cooling fan does not. With the stock ECU  when the AC compressor engages, the cooling fan kicks on(which should be the default situation). Either when the AC is switched, or when the defrost is on. There was no cooling fan engagement in either case with the hybrid bin. I confirmed proper cooling fan engagement when I reinstalled the stock ECU.

I did nothing else to the bin when I flashed it (like mess with injector values), other than check to make sure the SAS diagnostics were disabled. I wasn't planning on driving the car with this ECU yet, just starting it to make sure the AC stuff worked.

So, here we are. Not 100% there, but much better than before.



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