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Thanks, guys!

While we're on the topic of the stock files, I stumbled across something a little peculiar. The Wiki lists a strange opening table for the 315cc injectors, where opening times have been picked up from page 44 of this thread, but the times start out at about half that of the blue/white ones. Shouldn't they be comparably longer than the rest, since they're smaller? As it is, the opening times by voltage are shorter than the 750cc ones... Or am I missing something?

- S

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Hi all, just posting to say thank you to the M4.4 pioneers who have made all this possible...and I'd like to share something, although it's possibly not much use to FWD platform cars.  We've started an M4.4 XDF for the B6304 in the 960/S90 cars.  It's very incomplete, but this thread is a gold mine that's made even this little bit possible.  Here's a link to the discussion:  M4.4 B6304 WIP

It's only three people working on it right now, one of which (me) who doesn't even have a car to test it on.  My 244 has a whiteblock swap, but it's on MS2. 

I apologize if I've broken any rules or protocols (RWD vs. FWD, etc), but I wanted to get this out there in case anyone ever wanted to go this route.  A thread doesn't get to 475+ pages if the project hasn't been successful :).

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Question regarding the current state of A/C; have any additional maps pertaining to corrections on fueling/ignition/anything engine related when switching A/C been found in the past years?

Ever since I switched to M4.4 (Piet's AC mod) from my M4.3 car, my engine will show weird idling behavior as long as the A/C is on. More precisely, with A/C on, as long as I'm still rolling, but with the clutch depressed, the engine will drop down to 2000RPM exactly and idle there. Only after i've come to a complete stop, the RPM's will drop to normal ~900rpm idle after a second or so. Or i'd have to force the RPM down with with shifting to a higher gear, if I force it to 1000 RPM it will stay there.

So when driving with A/C towards a traffic light, or in erratic slow traffic where I clutch&roll a lot, I'll be idling at an annoying 2000RPM most of the time.

The one A/C correction table I have right now doesn't seem to do much, zeroing it out gives no change, and it seems like something is actively controlling the idler to target 2000rpm. Sound familiar to anyone?

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Yes Boxman, 

Very annoying, it would be nice to get a full grip of what is happening there. It is speed dependent for sure.

I have a feeling that I read about it a while back but I'm not sure. Right now my focus is to get the Turbo + Supercharger - setup done.  

Any progress/help regarding idle is very interesting.

// Turboforslund

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8 minutes ago, black owl said:

I have a 98 v70xc.  I am trying to load this .bin but it fails to erase.  also, in tunerpro, I am using the rev5b607-608 xdf and this t5r 240hp bin does not display correctly.  thank you for any assistance!

Volvo 850 T5-R 240HP 0261203627-358234.bin


That is an M4.3 bin - the "T5-R" was a 1995 model only. In addition, that's the European bin - the US spec is 628 (both for automatic transmissions). If you're picking bin files from Motronic Suite, you need the ones that are 128kB.

You have to be really careful with this stuff, dude. Messing this up can potentially cause catastrophic damage to your engine. Literally. Please read as much as you can, and make sure you follow instructions. If you're looking for a stock bin file that will up your power a bit, then the stock 607 (automatic) or 608 (manual) bins are as high as you can go on M4.4. Those are 236 hp from factory.

- S

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On 2/10/2019 at 3:31 AM, Calvin Sonnik said:

Hey Guys, I'm working on a new version of the XDF. Im adding descriptions and changing some names.

I'm also implementing some patches that can be done via the XDF including the 4.3 ECC mod, MAF Size Changes using Tuner Pro.

If anyone has any XDF values or descriptions you want me to add, let me know.

Maybe the Auto/manual bit although there are questions about it. and for myself i have added stuff for antilagg settings. 

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4 hours ago, ChristiaanW200 said:

Maybe the Auto/manual bit although there are questions about it. and for myself i have added stuff for antilagg settings. 

I have the manual and Auto setbit. 

I have the AC mod, Injector calibration for Oranges, Whites/Blues, and Greens all single click patches. Same with the stock MAF, an S90 MAF, and a 3” and 3.25” MAF Housing. 

The Anti-Lag settings from the publicly available BIN interfere with the settings from the REV6 BIN that I am basing my XDF off of. There might be a way to switch between the fuel cut and Spark Cut launch control system, but the Anti-Lag uses the Alternative map when it engages. If anyone wants to help, let me know. 

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