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This may be a dumb question but im wondering if a M4.4 ecu from a 1996 volvo 960 (B6304S)  is capable of being reflashed to run a B5234T  I searched for a while through forums and cant find anything specific on this..  Im doing a 5cyl swap into an offroad buggy and Ive got a complete running 96 960 as a parts car, mainly for the bell housing, engine mounts and oil pan, but if I could use the m4.4 ecu along with the coil on plug setup that would be a bonus!

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4 hours ago, Roberts0315 said:

when you are powering pin b8? before all otherto be powered or all them together?

It is all just plugged in at once. 
Wired as the pic on the Wiki, including connecting OBD pin 4 to ground.

I just made a special flashing harness from  old ECU and OBD connectors. Plugs into the ECU and the OBD/USB cable.


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So I got cable wich one side is obd other is just wires. All wires tested everything is like in picture. Farest I can get is Erasing flash. So then tried if I can at all access ecu. So I can read DTC's with one program and can see live data with Motronic suite. So it seems cable is working. I have tried that on WinXP Win7 64bit and Win732bit. Everything same

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I started with an ECU connector and wires, so all I had to do was connect 3 wires to the OBD-side of the USB. The only time I had an failed flash was when one of the wires came loose. It would still flash if everything stayed in place.
Once I grabbed the OBD connector from a car in the JY, I haven't had an issue with a bad connection. I've only flashed maybe 10 times, but it works.

You say it's "like in picture", but your set-up isn't, seeing as you're connecting ground to #4 and not #5. Are you also positive that you are connected to the proper pins on the OBD for flashing?

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612 Was in motronic suite. But that's cool, watched video Jimmy oakes where they read data on a stock m.4.2 bimmer ecu. Obviously raw data but they were using romraider xml's to interpret parameters. I'm sure that's how all this started as well you guys putting work in creating xdf's.

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