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On 6/24/2021 at 8:48 PM, Chuck W said:

Motronic Suite has the bins for the 0261204444 and 0261204446, which are shown as the ECUs for the B5204T3.

I double checked and I have ending with 446, which is great!

Looking forward to start tuning it!

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hey my setup is b5234t 2001 on motronic 4.4. cop update, 0.7mm BKR7E spark plugs, turbo gtx2867r ar0.83, Japanese exhaust manifold r.
3 "throttle, engine forged connecting rods, intake system 550x230x65, exhaust system dp3" -> 2.75 "-> 2x2.5" boost 1.4-1.5bar the problem is with the ignition I put logs. Do you think the problem is with the car, or is the ignition just too aggressive for the load? fuel is pb 98.maf 3 "multiplied by 1.64

logi 3b 4b.xdl 12345.xdl

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I added information about the update of the maf
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Hi guys,

I am currently trying to get data logging fully working on my '98 V70 2.0 T5 AWD. I can log all the original values, but when it comes to connecting my AEM UEGO WB to either the rear O2 or the tank pressure sensor channel, all I get is some wrong ADC values. I've connected the white AEM wire (0-5V analog output) to either B31 (tank pressure channel) or A34 (rear O2 channel) and the brown wire (signal ground) to A18 (the main ground of the ECU). The resulting voltage displayed in TunerPro is a constant zero for the rear O2 channel and a fluctuating voltage for the tank pressure channel, which depends on RPM and not on the voltage which is supplied by the analog output of the AEM UEGO.

Maybe there is some problem regarding my ADX or XDF file, so I will upload them. In my BIN file data logging for both channels is activated (non-zero value) and the diagnostics are disabled, so this should not lead to my problem. If someone has installed the same WB and has got a working ADX file, let me know, maybe you could share this file with me.


Thanks for your help in advance,



rev5.adx rev5b.xdf

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My WB installation: 

Comments from a post in 2015:

"Just wanted to add some ground-info regarding my installation of spartan wb.

My wb uses pin A13 (power ground) as the only ground source, no extra grounding needed.

My spartan pinout:

Red = A27 (power supply from the main relay)

White + Black = A13 (power ground)

Green = B31 (tank pressure 0-5V signal)


ADX formula: (X/375)+0.68 (gives a lambda value in the range 0.68-1.36)

If you want it in AFR then put *14.7 in the end. Example: ((X/375)+0.68)*14.7

Lambda values x 14.7 should be more accurate then using the AFR formula from 10 to 20 AFR."


Mine is a Spartan WB controller but the pinout and adx tips might give you a hint. 

Best of luck.

// Turboforslund

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Now that I am able to log all the important data, I recognized that at high loads the actual fuel correction does not match with the programmed fuel correction in the VE table. Values up to 1.5 are used instead of the programmed 1.3x while WOT enrichment is 1.0 for all RPM values, which leads to way too low AFR's. Can someone tell me which table has also an effect on the actual fuel correction?

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There was some fan function discussion 10 pages back. Has anybody made some investigation in these? I discovered that one of the cars i have uses speed 2 postition which is 115C by default, its 98 LPT. All the other cars i have touched use speed 1 102C. Thats very weird seeing car running at 115C degrees. It also blowed one of the coolant hoses recenly. I reduced speed 2 and now fan kicks in before. But still i can't understand how this can be. Was the same with original ecu and the remapped custom 608 bin.

Edit: It was bad fan relay. Speed 1 not operating. Had one spare and now its good. I always thought low speed is for AC and high speed  for engine cooling. But Speed 1 corresponds to lower speed fan and speed 2 kicks in when things are getting out of hands at high temps :D Maybe when AC is active and fan is at low speed, then on ecu command speed 1 acts as high fan speed. Because im almost sure it will spin faster then.


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