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John H. Rating: 8 Comments: The sales staff is extremely professional, and more then willing to do what is necessary to make the customer happy. The service department is excellent, with the exception of some minor details. Since is it a small dealership, the customer needs to make an appointment for a repair. However, the advantage is that with all repairs the customer will get a rental car or a new volvo loaner car for free. Along with being a small service department, comes the problem of being shorthanded thereby creating problems with servicing your car within a decent time. This creates the problem that the dealer want to get the repairs done in an acceptable time to the customer by speeding up the repairs, but they end up overlooking some details which makes it necessary for the customer to return a second time for them to complete the repair that should have been done right the first time.

CBHnry Rating: 2 Comments: My pre-sales experience at Volvo of Irvine ultimately drove me to Volvo of Cerritos for the purchase of my new S60. At both dealers I was working with the "Internet" sales person? Irvine tried but their follow-through was terrible. I literally had to track the sales person down via the phone and a return call was a rarity. I got the impression that the Internet sales person was overwhelmed. She actually made a verbal commitment to me over the phone and begged me to come down to the dealership so she could make her end of the month "bonus," all this at about 7:00 at night. I obliged and got to the dealer at 8:00, and when I arrived I waited an hour only to be told to go home?because they "miss-quoted" the numbers over the phone. The final deal-breaker was the fact that I wanted the optional 17" Tethys wheels on my base 2.4 S60. Now I know this isn't an option on the base model but as a buyer I want what I want, I'm willing to pay and I expect to be accommodated. They simply wouldn't/couldn't do it?this despite the fact that there are numerous T5's on the lot with BBS wheels; where did their original wheels go?? At any rate despite these things, on a Saturday afternoon I was heading for Volvo of Irvine to buy my S60 with the ugly base wheels from the person that wouldn't return my calls and made me wait around one night for no reason. And then I got thinking, "this is nuts" from the car I called Volvo of Cerritos (had never talked to them before) and asked to speak with the Internet sales person. Told them the car I was looking for (color etc..) and told them that if they would be willing to put the 17" Tethys wheels on my base S60, I'd buy the car from them in a hour. They said, "OK" switched the wheels (for $750) and I drove home from Cerritos that day in my new Volvo. They have been great, I would highly recommend them to anyone! Both dealers were $500.00 over Invoice. I don't fault the salesperson at Irvine for the wheel situation (probably a management call) but the late night deal along with the lack of follow-through is unacceptable from someone who wants my business. Cerritos was willing to go the extra yard to earn my business. And they have never skipped a beat.

Anonymous Rating: 3 Comments: My car made several visits to Irvine Volvo, with the following experiences: I took the car in for a repair of a intermittent rear door power lock, which Irvine Volvo insisted that they could not reproduce the problem, in spite of the fact that when I spoke to another dealer, their reaction was that the door locks on the '98 x70's were dropping like flies, and it was always the same parts: the door lock motor. They finally fixed the problem, but it took a total of four visits, and I was getting ready to PAY for the repair (my car was under warranty) because the hassle of the warranty repair was beginning to exceed the cost of the repair. They also missed the fact that some of the wiring leading to the lock motor was damaged, so it failed again within months. The second major problem I had with Volvo Irvine was over something as simple as an oil change: I had originally made an appointment (on the following Monday) for a lube-oil-filter service, and requested that they fix a front turn signal that was blinking fast. On Wednesday afternoon, I discovered that I was going to have to make an unexpected road trip on Friday, so I called Volvo Irvine to ask if they could work the service in on Thursday. They said they could, so I dropped the car off at 9am Thursday for these two items. I then called at 4pm to check on the status, and they informed me that they were unable to complete the service and would need to keep the car until the following day. I informed them that I was picking up the car at 6pm, finished or not. I then made arrangements to have the oil change done at an independent mechanic the following morning. When I arrived to pick up the car, they informed that it had been finished, contrary to what they'd told me on the phone. None of the work was outright incompentent, but the rather poor customer service leaves me reluctant to recommend them. Oh yes, beware of their highly touted shuttle service: They'll drop you off and pick you up from work, but their shuttle driver quits at 3pm, so if you work until 5pm like most of us, you're out of luck.

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