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Isaac Rating: 1 Comments: This is the worst dealership I have ever put my foot in. After we brought our s70 in for little warrenty work, I was promised to have the car back same day and worse case next morning. The dealer had my car for 3 days without touching it, would not give me a loaner car and on top of that when I went to go pick up my car 3 days later only 1 of the 4 things was fixed!! Not to mention that 1 month later the same problem re occured on 2 items that they "fixed" This dealership is terrible, has no customer service, and you have to call them to get information, if you never called they would probably keep your car! I would not recommend anyone buying a car from them or taking it thre for service. They just out right suck! I'll take my car 100 miles to the next dealership when needed. - Isaac

Skippy Rating: 1 Comments: I wish I could have put a negative number for the rating of this joke of a service center. I was lied to and ripped off by these people for two years. And my car is still trying to recover from what they did to it. Everytime I took my car in for a simple 5K mile service, I would end up with some major repair, either while it was there or with in a week or two. 1) Brakes kept going out less than 10K miles after being replaced. I was told this is common. "Your model has smaller brakes" Then why did the factory brakes last almost 78K miles?!?! 2) They said my radiator cap was broken and that they fixed it. My cap was fine, same ol' one... the hose broke and they rigged it by splicing the hose and cramming it on the hose out take. Not to mention my radiator had NO coolant, just plain water. 3) I kept hearing a rattle under my car, in the front end. "We couldn't hear it. We didn't find anything wrong" Four times I was told this. Turned out the front struts were collapsing. They let my family drive a car with broken struts for almost two years! 4) I spent a lot of money on a transmission service only to find out a few weeks later, that they messed up. "Oh, guess we missed that". And then laughed about it. My transmission was fine before the service. 5) I told them that I only wanted Volvo built parts, not Ford built parts. "No problem. I understand" Come to find out, that Ford built parts are all that they put on my car. 6) Wind noise coming from front passenger window. Wind noise gone, window won't roll all the way down. I was told that it would cost ME almost $300 to fix. 7) If you don't drive a Mercedes you get treated like white trash by Mike Morgan, the service manager.

Alex Rating : 1 Comments: An overall very poorly ran dealership which is surprising since they sell the most expensive cars in town. Overall customer service is terrible. I've had several bad experiences there similar to the ones posted on this board. I was told my strut mounts were broken and the cost was several hundred to fix. My favorite auto repair place where I normally take my cars showed me exactly what they considered broken and it was basically some minor cracked rubber with minimal wear. I have a friend who bought his Volvo there and his story is much much worse than mine. I cant believe what they have put him through.

All in all, for the money you fork out to have your car serviced at Modesto European, you should receive better service. I will say that Nick who works in the service department is diligent and nice to deal with.

Joseph Rating:1 Comments: I must concure with everyone here. I have had innumerable problems with this dealership... To sum them up simply they are very unprofessional, incapible of telling time, returning calls, taking care of mistakes, much less responsibility for thier mistakes. AVOID THIS DEALER AT ALL COST!

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