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California - Culver City - Westside Volvo

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Daniel COMMENTS: The work they performed was adequate, and relatively quick, but I could not believe how rude the service managers were when I picked up the car! I had dropped it off on a saturday after they had closed, after making arrangements to do so. I was first wary when the man on the phone kept calling me "Dave", after I had told him my name was Daniel. When I came to pick up my car, not only was I not greeted in the service office, no one even asked me if I needed help. After standing at the counter in a room full of employees standing around for about five minutes, someone finally asked me what I needed. When I told him I was picking up my car, and my name is Daniel, he said he had no repairs for a "Daniel", but of course there was one for "Dave". After informing him that I was not Dave, but that is my car, he coldly gave me the invoice and told me to go to the other office to pay. Fortunately the cashier was very nice and understood that while my debit card said Daniel and the invoice said Dave, it was still my car. Of course, I still get service reminders from them addressed to Dave. Although I may be a 27 year old who looks 19, if I'm paying your dealership $500 for a minor repair on my Volvo, I expect to be treated with the same respect as all customers. On another note, the repair was top notch. I guess the srevice managers could learn a thing or two about high quality work from their mechanics.

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