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Project '98 T5M 2.0

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Well I have found a car to replace my totaled S70 T5M. Its silver on black with 148,500 on the clock. In great overall shape and really looking forward to tearing into it this winter. Here are a few pics to kick stuff off.



The car will be getting all the upgraded stuff from the wrecked car:

- TD04HL-18T w/ ARD Waste Gate Actuator and Forge CBV

- ARD Blue Tune

- ARD Crank Pulley

- Snabb FMIC Kit

- Snabb Intake Pipe

- Snabb Short Throw Kit

- Snabb TCV

- MSD Ignition Coil

- OBX Full Exhaust

- OBX Strut Brace

- Koni Yellows w/ IPD Springs

- Cone Air Filter

Plus a few new additions:

- '93 NA Cams

- NA Intake Manifold

- NA Throttle Body

- Bosch Green Injectors

- ARD 340LP Fuel Pump

- IPD Track Spec Sway kit and HD Endlinks

- Maybe and "R" Exhaust Manifold if I can pick one up

Other random stuff planned:

- Black ABMs

- XC Grille

- 20% Tint

- Some black vinyl wrap accenting (Unsure of wear this will all go)

- Refinished 17" Pegs in a shade of Anthracite yet to be determined

- Cluster Trim Rings along with blue LED cluster lights

- Boost Gauge from old car

- Etc Etc Etc

Car will also be getting a full stage 0. Silicone vac lines, PCV, new cap, rotor, plugs, wires, the works...

I think that about covers it. Goal is to have it nearly fully supporting modded and run it like this a year or so till I can decide on a bigger turbo/build/E85 etc. Ill try to update this thread with progress along the way. Very much looking forward to spring. With some luck I should have it finished well before Carlisle 2014 :)

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Damn thats a big list.

Not really... Just everything bolt on/supporting mod I can think of.

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I've got a Xc grill if ur looking for one shoot me a offer its off of a 98 I painted it black once but it started to flake off

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I have one in the wagon i might use... Cars not hitting the road till spring so I wont need one till then haha.. Have other more "fast" things to buy :D

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Small progress update... Car is now sitting on the Koni Yellow w/ IPDs in the front and i got a local guy to powdercoat my ported intake manifold gloss black as part of a new engine bay theme in the new car.


I also took the liberty of availing myself of IPDs Black Friday sale and ordered a set of the track spec sways and a pair of HD endlinks. Muchly looking forward to seeing how that changes the feel of the car. Am finally getting around to cleaning out the other bay of the shop out so i can get both cars in to start swapping parts for real...

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Thats what i hear... The Konis put a smile on my face, cant wait to run the thing thru some curves...

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Is it a 2.0 liter? heh heh :monkey:

Lol or not... more like 2nd attempt....

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Been a bit since I updated this thread. Project began for real at the beginning of February here.. Still taking my time but am shooting for mid March to have the car back up and running.

A couple pics of the progress:



As it sat before I started pulling stuff off...


After the 1st hour or so I spent on it. Stuff removed: Upper IC piping, Intake box and MAF, SAS Pump and hoses, Right headlight, and a few covers here and there.


2nd session got a bit more interesting...


Stuff removed: Intake Manifold w/ TB, Fuel rail and Whites, Cooling fan, turbo intake pipe, distributor, plug wires, IAC, the rest of the IC piping and couplers, and a few more hoses etc that are getting replaced. (Dont mind the pile of parts on the floor :lol: Really need a spot to start putting all that)


Also pulled the dash top off to pull the cluster and run boost hose for the gauge.


And lastly I installed the cluster trim rims and blue LEDs for the gauges, odometer, and info bar.

Next up is drain the coolant system and pull the stock IC out, fan shroud mod, the NA cam swap, PCV, then start to put it all back together. Having alot of fun with everything so far. Going from stock to what its going to be is kinda worrying me as far as the amount of issues i may have to work out haha. But im taking my time and making sure its all done right the 1st time... Ill keep the thread updated as the project moves along...

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Finally getting around to bringing this up to date.

To start where I left off. Some more random stuff was pulled off and then the upper head came off for the 1st time.


Stock cams chilling...


The head after a nice through cleaning.


The upper head before cleaning.


Stuff everywhere!!! Yes i made sure the NA one went in :lol:


Upper head cleaned up and the NA cams installed and locked in place. Shout out to Goldponcho for letting me borrow the cam tools. Made the job much less scary...


Getting buttoned back up..


T-belt back on and ready to be timed. Currently running a -4 degree intake and a 0 Exhaust. Any imput on a better setup would be interesting to here.

To be continued shortly...

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Alright this next section is going to be a bit picture heavy as it takes it from torn apart to as it its :) Enjoy...


Freshly PC'd manifold sitting with the fuel rail with the fresh greens waiting to go in...


Manifold and fuel rail installed along with a set of silicone rad hoses..


Snabb FMIC in... Maciek's old car photo bombing...


Reloomed some stuff and just a general shot of the bay coming together.


Did my 1st subframe drop on the green car. Took like 4 min to pull the turbo haha. Old block will mostly likely be built in the long run and the trans is going in T5RM's car (Maciek's T5R)


Little baby 18T. :lol: Used to think this was big... Zero shaft play after 20k hard run miles. Shout out to Spanky for great work rebuilding this... In the new car and running strong.



Bit of polishing work. So much wet sanding was involved :lol:


Another engine bay progress photo.



Installed these meaty ass things. IPD Track Spec bars. Gosh do I love them...


Getting closer!!


Ready for 1st start... And it did.. On 2 cylinders........ Apparently 3 out of 5 injectors were stuck and not cycling properly :huh: So ripped them back out and shipped them off to get recleaned, thereby postponing my 1st start by a week and a half :glare:


Anyways the injectors did get back and the worked great this time around. This is a quick shot of how it sat right after it left the shop for the 1st time in 6 months.


Installed some 35w 6000k HIDs in my ABMs.. Such light!!


Quick shot of the cluster with the LEDs in. I think it looks great. Dont mind the CEL and ABS lights those have all been sorted...


Did my 1st Quaife install sometime along the way. Unfortunatly not for my car :( T5RM's car will be gripping a bit better this year :D


At my buddys shop prepping for window tint, lightly tinted tails, and some vinyl. The direction i went with this may be slightly controversial. The car was repainted in a somewhat mediocre fashion at some point or atleast parts of it. The roof was pretty bad. So i decided to wrap it. Also the car was spoilerless so I decided to wrap the one off the green car. I personally think it looks great but each to his own. I shot for something a bit different than anything I have seen on a P80. Played around with some different stuff and ended up with this...




And a shot of the pre Carlisle engine bay clean up...

Anyways I shall accept feedback of all types on this wrap thing. The cool thing is its viny. When/if i get tired of it, i simply peel it. For those interested the wrap is a textured brushed finish. Pictures really cant do it justice. In the sun, its just wow.....

The car is currently sitting on semi beat 17" Pegs with 10mm rear spacers. Next goal is to get my 18" Pegs I got from Timo powder coated and installed with 20mm rear and 10mm front spacers. And then a lip of some type. Not sure where that is going to end up yet tho.

I'll do my best to keep this updated as I go from now on :D Cheers

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