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Winter Mode 2013-2014

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Well I basically go from this:


To this:



I don't dislike winter... I just miss the drag strip.. And pegs.. And my R bumper.. And spoiler.. Lol

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I love winter!

You might not love it if you lower your R too much... :P

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Winter wheels on with iPikes.

No serious snow yet but ill be waiting :ph34r:


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My new winter mode lol

Funny, I just bought one if those last weekend. A greenish 97.

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    • By n8t50
      Gonna be moving out to Idaho this winter, won't be able to afford a good set of winter tires for my 96 850 T5 until after a few months of work. I also can't drop $500 on the Volvo chains. I know the manual says that aftermarket chains will cut the ABS and break lines, but is this legit, or just marketing BS? Will properly fitted aftermarket chains work on an 850?
    • By NorthTorontoCarWash
      Hey everyone,

      I'm starting to look towards my next winter setup and I've been taking inspiration from >this older thread, specifically this photo of V70XC jacked up on big tires:

      The OP mentions, "Rubbed like a mofo until some things were tweaked and all is well." Any suggestions as to how to avoid rubbing? my thoughts so far have been Bilstein struts and shocks, XC springs up front and IPD overload springs in the rear. Any chance this might fit with the stock V70 GLT springs (instead of XC if I can't find them)? Has anyone done similar or have an idea of what kind of rubbing issues I should expect?

      Appreciate the input!!

      This is the tire getting me all excited for the project. OP used 205/70/15. Quite a bit larger than stock

    • By Brady
      This morning I saw the Bike Pics! thread where you can post pictures, specs, or anything else about your bike. I wanted to start something similar but for skis and snowboards.

      Share pictures of your setup(s), you skiing or boarding, or anything else related!

      Here's mine:

      2010 Nitro T1 156
      2012 Union Contacts
      2012 Nike Zoom Force 1's

      Bristol Mountain last year:

      Top of Mt. Hood 2 Summers ago:

      Kevin Pearce & Scotty Lago :

      Post away!!