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Guest Stephen (Washington)

Have had several problems with Martens service, including a brake repair where the brakes failed within a day of driving out (they had not refilled fluid). Also, have run into a couple of strange-coincidence situations where I left their service dept. after simple repairs and major problems occured within 1-5 days (the most recent was a transmission developing problems with a day of leaving the shop for simple window motor replacement).

Also they have as expensive an oil change as I've seen. I take all my business to Don beyer now, even though I live in DC, closer to them.

** Not sure Martens are trustworthy and would be curious if others had similar experiences.

Stephen C.

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I've also had numerous problems with Martens Volvo - they charged me well above the quoted price for the standard 37,500 mile service, without explanation, and, more egregiously, they installed windshield wipers on my car that badly scratched the windshield. When confronted, they acknowledged that the wipers were faulty and had caused the damage, but refused to fix the damage and even refused to refund the small amount I paid for the wipers. I found their service staff to be condescending and rude, and I will also take all my business to Don Beyer from now on.

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