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Anyone Need A Cylinder Head ? 98 + 99 (Ct)

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cleaning out my shed, would like these gone

on the left is a early 99 (hydraulic lifters), has exhaust vvt headgasket was shot on the car, about 200k, had some milkshake, has been sitting in my shed a year+ $30?

on the right is the head from my 98, has around 135k .. the story goes I bent a few valves, then replaced bent valves + seals on the bench, had one (new seal) left over, chuckled about it, then lost a valve 8k miles later, so yes I have a spare valve and seal .. exhaust mani is still attached with new gaskets and new hardware (except for the overpriced washers I reused) from a couple years ago $50 with replacement seal + valve to go with, $30 without mani + hw


not really looking to ship ....

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