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Snabb Releases New P2 Front Mount Intercooler & Turbo Charge Pipe Kits.

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Snabb Performance Parts is pleased to announce their spin on P2 Front Mount Intercoolers and Charge piping kits. Snabb got serious with this project and put in over 1 year of R&D to make sure that our kits are compatible with as many different applications as possible. We are completely stoked about releasing our new products to the Volvo community. Our goal was to offer customization, compatibility and features that other kits do not. We think you’ll agree that we are bringing something pretty cool and a little different to the table for fellow Volvo enthusiast to enjoy!

  • 2001-2009 P2 Charge Piping Replacement Kit: A complete Charge piping replacement kit. We’ve designed our kit to be fully configurable for any factory 5 cyl option between 01-09. There are options for Mitsubishi and K24 turbos, as well as billet adapter options for early style and late style MAP sensors.
  • 2001-2009 P2 Front Mount Intercooler Kits: Standard intercooler kit and Big intercooler kit available. Both versions include intercoolers with offset endtanks, multiple turbo connector options to fit all models as well as billet adapter options for early style and late style MAP sensors.
  • 1999-2000 Reverse Intercooler Piping Kit: A full piping replacement kit that includes polished aluminum piping, a tig welded billet MAP/IAT adapter, heavy duty silicone and Clampco clamps.

20% Pre-Release discounts available on all new products through Dec 31, 2013

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