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Rating: 5

Comments: This dealership has a great technician, the problem is sales, service advisor not knowing enough about cars, coverage, etc. Volvo is an upscale European import car line, they should treat their customers as such. Complimentary car wash with service & on Saturdays, more personal level of service, etc.


Rating: 8

Comments: Although not high end service, the staff at Fran Krahl have always been prompt, have never pushed a decision, always courteous, attentive and have always completed repair work when they say they will. I found my sales person to be very thorough. The Volvo service advisor has been very helpful, and found the Volvo mechanic to be extremely good, however I have never required any major work to our XC. Their rates are competive. I prefer not to pay inflated repair fees to receive marginally better service. I would rate the dealership 10 if they would provide pick up and drop off service for maintenance and repair work, and could get the car in for service a litter sooner than in the past. I have been going to this dealership for over three years and they have been consistant. I would not hesitate to purchase another Volvo from this dealership.

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I have not had good experiences with Fran Kral. They are very expensive. More than once, I had to pay for them to fix something that wasn't fixed right the first time. I had an expensive failure in the brake system just a couple of days after having a brake system inspection - they took no responsibility for this at all. On one occasion, I saw the service manager yelling at an employee right in front of me. The whole outfit is very unprofessional.

Lowest possible rating.

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