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Rating: 9

Comments: I had to get my evaporator replaced under warranty and they had the job done in under a day (usually a 2 day job). Very fast when they have the part in stock! I also had to get the tensioner replaced but they didn't have that in stock so they had to order it. Hopefully it will be here soon! Other than the parts being on order, I would reccomend them! Very fast and knowledgeable.

Rating: 1

Comments: I take all the good things I said about Patrick Volvo back. I always thought they were nice people to do business with until they lied to me about a part that would be under warranty. They charged my credit card without my authorization, they're making me pay the entire amount for the repair that they said it would be fixed under warranty. Please try to avoid this dealership. I'm still trying to fight back.

Drew Childress

Rating: 2

Comments: I traded in an Infiniti to buy the Volvo. The dealer service has been a major disappointment. Loaner car availability is non-existent. Once I went to the trouble of scheduling an oil change with two weeks notice. I dropped the car off in the morning only to return at 5 and no oil change. They were to busy!! They actually asked me if I wanted to reschedule. I found an independent mechanic and will never go back or buy a new volvo from them.

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We bought a "certified" Patrick volvo, only to find MANY things wrong with it, A year after still fighting we gave up, Service is a rip-off, extended warranty not honored unless you fight.

I will never recomend this dealer to anyone. It is a shame.


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+1 - there are far better dealers in the area. I used them while the car was under warranty because they were the closest but once it came out of warranty I immediately took my business to Swedish Car Specialists. If you're looking for a local dealer to purchase a car from, look into Volvo of Lisle.

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I inquired about a used XC70 they had, found out it was in a wreck from it's Carfax. The saleman continued to hassle me for a month via phone and email asking if I was still interested. After replying to his email saying that I was not, he continued to call me.

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