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They are *OK*

I have had two experiences with them.

The first time my passenger side window (1998 S70 n/a) was off the track and therefore wasnt shutting properly. We brought it to them and they charged us for an hour of labor to "take the door apart" and diagnose the problem. They told us we needed a whole new window motor assembly and something else and it was a pretty outrageous price. We brough the Volvo to a local mechanic we sometimes use, he took off the door panel and had the window back on its track in about 25 minutes and said he couldnt believe that Volvo told us we needed a whole new window motor assembly. After that we immediately called the dealership (Union Park) and told them what happened and that there was no way that they even removed the door panel because if they did they could have seen that it was a simple problem. To make a long story short, we got our money back for that bullshit hour of labor they charged.

We recently had work done there (within the past week) where they replaced an axel, cv boot and transaxel seal. I just got the car back yesterday and it drives fine and the problems seem to be fixed. The price wasnt too bad (~$1100) for parts and labor. I never really liked dealerships anyways.

I would recommend Stillman Volvo over Union park as they are much more professional over there.

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