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Mike Regensburger

Rating: 10

Comments: Other dealers send "problem cars" here, and they get fixed. From a 1972 144 to a 2002 s60 awd, they fix it right the first time. We've gotten all our volvo's here, and serviced them too.

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Guest Jay H

I have lived in Farmington Valley for over 20 years. I have owned Volvos all this time but have never purchased a car from Mitchells and never will. They have insulted me with offers for my Volvo trade in and wouldn't give any deal on the new car I wished to purchase even though the new year models were coming out in a week. I own an 04 S60R right now, my 6th new Volvo.

I have many horror stories about their service dept and ceased to use them many years ago. I tired their body shop two years ago and it was a nightmare. They lied, and misled me at every turn. I hear even their own staff won't use the Mitchell body shop.

Before you do any deal with Mitchell's, check with Gengras or Fathers and Son's first, either will give you a better deal and is much better in the service dept.

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I bought my car at Mitchells. Ive had nothing but great service from them. They even repainted my whole rear bumper because of a small half an inch scratch before I picked it up.

I don't know why everyones having problems with them, great dealership in my opinion.

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