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Craig Lenahan

Rating: 10

Comments: These are the best sales and service people I have ever dealt with. They are a family run shop and they know how to treat a customer. I bought a T5 from them and a Cross Country they are the best cars I have ever purchased.

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Used to work in Stamford so I had them do the SW install after I put my fog lights in. They drove me back to my office and picked me up when the car was done.

Excellent staff. Parts department was extremely helpful; gave them the part numbers over the phone, and had the order ready by the time I got there.

Highly Recommended.

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They get :tup: :tup:

I'm looking at a 99 R for sale, and it was originally sold by Stamford Volvo. While in the process of finding out some of its service history, I called Stamford to see if they had any info about the car.

I spoke to one of the service advisers, who was very courteous and extremely helpful. Stamford only had the original sale record for the car, so the service adviser gave me the phone number for Volvo North America to see if they could provide any additional information I needed. All in all a very positive experience.

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