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I was guessing blue paper shop towel or remnants of a rubber glove.

When it comes to your bottom end, cleanliness is next to godliness. :)

I've seen broken plastic bits from a baffle in a VW 1.8 8 valve do this before...

No need for the prize. If we ever cross paths, buy me a beer. Second round is on me.

Edit: and I bet you forgot the piece that you stuffed into the turbo drain at the block... I've seen a lot of pictures of people with some blue paper towel stuffed down in there, and I've always thought "they'll never see that if they put the drain on from below"

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Back on the road and purring like a kitten.

Two vents (thanks Hussein) with baffles on the underside. Welded the donuts from the inside, no reason just did it that way. And look what showed up in the mail today...SWEET!

Got the head, exhaust and turbo on today. Also installed some jewels.

I forgot to take the shop towels out of the intake holes after doing a PCV before. Had to spin the crank and fish the pieces out of the valves from the spark plug holes and intake holes.

Glad you didn't give up and got it going.

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While we're talking about foreign objects

When I was a kid I jammed apples from our tree into my mom's escort wagon tailpipe... she was not too pleased when she got dizzy from the CO and then found out.

Condom (with a hole cut) on dad's early 80's Chevy work van tailpipe was a hit with the neighbor kids when he drove off and it inflated to the size of a large watermelon


Seriously glad for you though. You dodged a bullet.

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Oil Pump Talk:

I ran across this description of the different Oil Pumps. Is there a physical/visual way to tell which pump is which?

The below is talking about the B5234T Engine:

The high power output has placed greater demands on the engine lubricating system and cooling. The following have been changed in comparison to the other 5-cylinder engines:
-The oil pump capacity has been increased by a wider pump wheel and a modified profile.
-The relief valve has a more rigid spring and opens at 6 bars of pressure (B5254's opens at 5 bar).

I want to make sure I am running the higher capacity pump but unfortunately I dont know what I grabbed when I assembled the car. Does anyone have access to these two pumps and can say whether they are visually different from the outside casting?

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Swapped out the plugs today, trying out the Bosch F5DPOR's. The little suckers are expensive.


Did a compression test while I was at it...180 across the board.

Retapped the meth jet and then went out for a stroll to get Aaron some more logs.

Found out quickly that I need better brakes. Hard to bring that thing back down to a stop.

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