Group Buy: Fiberglass Lips For 850R And V70R Bumpers

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After much discussion and strong interest from the VS community, I will be organizing a group buy for 850R and V70R fiberglass bumper lips. Member announcement thread here: ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>

Craig (username Tomcat) has been making these lips for many years now with no complaints. These lips are 1 piece, molded from fiberglass. This ensures the lip is both strong and flexible enough to withstand impacts without shattering. The lip is constructed of a gel coat with 3 layers of 600 gram fiberglass, then primed and painted satin black.

They are very durable and community members both in North America and Europe have been running them for several years without issue. Here is a link to Craig's feedback on VPCUK:

Please note that these are 2 distinct lips, specifically made for each bumper to ensure best fitment. 850R and V70R bumper lips are different, and are made from different molds.

Mounting hardware is not included.

5-10 total lips: $184 + shipping, import duties, etc.
11+ total lips: $167 + shipping, import duties, etc.

Last time a group buy was done for these lips, final pricing was between $225 and $250 for everything.

EDIT: Cost is $210 per lip plus actual shipping in the US. The $210 pays for the lip itself, crate shipping from the UK and import duties as well.

Please Paypal the money to me - As I am doing this as a favor to the VS community, please add a few dollars to cover Paypal's 3% fee so I don't get stuck paying for your laziness.

Once production is complete, the lips will all be packaged into a large crate and shipped to me in Troy, NY, 12180.

At that point, I will individually package the lips and ship them out to each buyer. Judging from the last group buy for Craig's lips, this will be about $50 in the US, and a bit more to Canada. I will do my best to balance keeping costs down and ensuring that the lip gets delivered without issue. If you have any questions, concerns, or advice, feel free to PM me.

There is enough interest to get the this going and shoot for delivery before Carlisle/IPD so we will expedite the process and avoid the usual 3-month VS group buy process. If there is still interest later into the summer, I am willing to organize a second round of lips to be purchased.

This group buy will close at 11:59pm EST on Saturday, March 15th, 2014. GROUP BUY IS CLOSED. At this point, payment will be due. You will send money to me. Part of the payment will be sent to Craig to begin production of the lips with. Once production is complete and they are ready to ship, the rest of the money will be sent to Craig.

And now, why you came into this thread - pictures! Please note these are actual pictures of VPCUK member's cars with one of Craig's lips installed. These pictures and more can be found in his feedback thread on VPCUK

Tomcat lip on 850 R bumper:

Tomcat lip V70 R bumper:


The list will be done in the following format.
Username -- real name -- quantity

Post a reply to this thread and I will add your name to the OP to keep all the relevant information in 1 place.

If you committed to buying a lip in the other thread in member announcements, I have added you to the list and sent you a PM if any of your information is still missing. If you wish to be taken off this list or update any information, please let me know and I will do so.

850 R bumper:
1) Kevin. -- Kevin -- 1 -- Carlisle -- PAID -- delivered
2) gmsgltr -- Greg -- 1 -- Carlisle -- PAID -- delivered
3) Rica850t5R -- Ricardo -- 1
4) Smiles855R -- Ryan -- 1 -- PAID -- delivered
5) Aequitas_Veritas -- Paul -- 1

6) ErikS -- Erik -- 1 -- PAID -- delivered

7) VolvoFan -- Jon -- 1 -- PAID

8) Marco Bolduc -- Marco -- 1 -- PAID -- delivered
9) Oblivion -- Anthony -- 1
10) Boxpin -- John -- 1 -- PAID -- delivered
11) DScottM -- Derrick -- 1 -- Carlisle -- PAID -- delivered
12) Kit Vexed -- Kit -- 1 -- Carlisle -- PAID
13) Floyd R. Turbo -- John -- 1 -- PAID

V70 R bumper:
1) R Moose -- Dan -- 1 -- Carlisle -- PAID -- delivered
2) p4eAaLcLe -- Dan -- 1 -- Carlisle -- PAID -- delivered
3) D s50r -- Semir -- 1 -- Carlisle -- PAID -- delivered
4) JVC -- John -- 1 -- Carlisle -- PAID -- delivered
5) Honeyman -- AJ -- 1 -- Carlisle -- PAID -- delivered
6) Modman -- Jay -- 1 -- PAID -- delivered
7) aricciardi -- Anthony -- 1 -- Carlisle -- PAID -- delivered
8) spooled -- Evan -- 1 -- PAID
9) Yellow95 -- Gary -- 1 -- Carlisle
10) cervantes21 -- Jake -- 1 -- PAID -- delivered

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Is there a cross section pic of the lip to share with us all? I am curious... even just an angular shot...

I understand it was mentioned these are solid fiberglass... My hollow one from the Philippines is waiting to explode on road debris someday... anyway, my point: someone made a thin mold of these once and they were awesome. I remember Mike (Prezman) had it on his blue 854 once...

I am certainly in for QTY 1 850R lip either way...

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i might be able to have them shipped to me here at work andy if that makes it cheaper/easier to have them delivered to a business, and i can drop them off to you, also have a friend of mine that works at ups that gets employee shipping rates

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That would depend, I may be open to negotiating a lower price but obviously there's only so many I can make and still get them to you before Carlisle. Be better to keep it down to a reasonable amount and do the larger amount over summer when I have more time and there's no show dates to meet.

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