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bit of a rant and a re-post. but in short the management team at Volvo of Toronto are very inconsiderate and intolerant people.

My wife and I have been in the Volvo 'family' for over a decade and in that time we have purchased 6 or 7 new cars from them.

The dealership we leased the last pair of Volvos from sold itself to another owner. All the outstanding leases / paperwork were giving to Volvo of Toronto, as we eventually found out.

The week before last we recived a registered letter in the mail. It stated we owe Volvo of Toronto 15k. We called the dealership where we got the car (Robert Motors, in another city) and they had no idea as they didn't have our paperwork. They said the finical end of things went over to Scotia Bank. We called the bank, and this is where the problem was created.

The person at the bank said we had 2 years of payments left on the vehicle. My wife told them about the letter, and they said 'no, we own this lease and you have 2 years left of payments". When my wife got off the phone she mused out loud " i thought we got a 3 year not a 5 year on that car". We thought perhaps because she was in an accident and they wrote the car off a while back which resulted in us getting another brand new one but a year newer may of had something to do with the term adjustment. That was the last we spoke of it.

fast forward a week, I'm at home, wife is out. its Saturday and the door bell rings. Its a balif. he is here to take the keys of my wife's car. I explain she isn't here and this must be a mistake as we just spoke to the bank about this last week. He responds "yeah yeah I've heard everything you can think of son, i've been at this a long time"..

In any event she isn't home, I tell him first thing Monday we'll get this sorted out. Monday (yesterday) we call the bank again, the dealership where we bought the car, and Volvo of Toronto. after a few hours it becomes clear the person at the bank was talking about my car and not my wife’s. whoops.

We explained this to Volvo of Toronto, and they are able to confirm my wife was talking to people but that doesn't matter, "you have the 15k down here tomorrow or we are going to repo your car".

My wife asked if there was something we can do to buy us a few days so we can talk to our finical advisor and determined from where we should get the money as we have a few places from within our 'portfolio' we can draw from. the answer was a solid "no, pay tomorrow or the car will be repo'd". Even in email correspondence with Melissa Maraj from this dealership the tone was indicative of someone very upset, she would capitalize words like "we need you to BE HERE TOMORROW with our MONEY." just very unprofessional and aggressive.. We were also told to forget about negotiating our buy out. they would not even talk about it or waive any fees.

This is the respect you get for being a loyal customer. While true we didn't buy any cars from that particular dealership, we have been taking our cars there for years for regular service as its close to where we work. but that shouldn't matter, they are representing Volvo - there is no excuse for talking and treating someone like an degenerate when its obvious it was an oversight and there is no bad intentions...

anyway, I'd avoid them. They are very nice when they want something from you which is not owed, but soon as there is a bump in the road they showed their true colours. The GM called my wife a liar on the phone.. "there are holes in your stories" there were no holes. he just had a closed mind and was unwilling to accept the fact it may be a true misunderstanding and no one was out to 'outsmart' or rob the other..

We understand we are responsible for making our payments etc, we never missed a payment in over 10 years. This was end of lease close out, we were not missing payments.. its how they handled things after it was clear we were not out to rob them that bothers me the most.

I'd especially mad at them as I love Volvo cars but I have to pick my battles, if the wife says no more Volvos, then there are no more Volvos... ;(


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Damn, I would discuss this with Volvo Canada, this is very bad press.

Good luck.

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