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So excited about this! Is this my old block?

Yes - used it to mock everything up on.

More details please!

Just your typical white block turbo swap: K24, Greens, 3" DP and WI

Oh, and a ceramic coated tri-y manifold

Hell yes! When's the install?

My goal is to drive it to Carlisle... might not finish everything in time. We'll see.

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Wow! Thanks for the compliments/comments/and interest.

I never know what to expect from the masses when I post T6 content, so originally, the intent of that picture was to act as a teaser of sorts.

My plan was to generate some interest and then steer you over to a different thread documenting the project - but plans change so, starting with my next post, the build thread starts here and now.

How so? I'm curious what he's done to it, as they have a habit of dying in strange ways. Like the trans eating part of the axle... although that's usually on the XC90.

Good question. I'll answer it soon.

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