My Volvo S40 T4 700hp with Holset

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Hi! This is my little s40 t4 from 1998 year. It has now about 700hp / 700nm with 3.0bar boost pressure. Here you can find more specs in english: - B4194T

308km/h @ 1609m. 191mph on standing mile. Stock headgasket + stock head bolts and 2.5" intercooler piping and 600x300x89mm garrett intercooler.

Butriz: V40 B4194T with modified HX40 Sute: V40 B4204T2 with darton mid sleeves and high compression Kasipuokki: 850 T5 with diesel block and S60R cylinder head Vekku: V40 B4194T2 with

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Ok so I'm just gonna put a t4 in my 850 haha

Sleeves are beefy!!! Very nice!!!

What sleeves?

Could we get some specs on your cam setup? Duration, lift, dual valve springs?

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CIVINCO and 850R clutch disc, nice!

Tell us more about the Motor Nord H-profil rods.

E85 stikes again.

Your trap speed is impressive, 12.9 @124?

What sleeves?

Could we get some specs on your cam setup? Duration, lift, dual valve springs?

Civinco SA1000 standalone ecu and 850R flywheel and 850R clutch disc and Sachs 707-pressure plate. Max torque i have had is 750nm and it did not slip on that one eather. :)

JE-pistons 8.7:1 compression and those motornord h-profil rods are normal "china-stuff" rods, same as Stenparner and other.

That 12.9s@124 was run on 590hp and massive wheelspin to 4.gear so its not good. Now i have new slicks Hoosier Drag Radials 225/50-15" and im hoping to improve that.

Engine block is stock only bored to 81.5mm. Cams are intake cam 11.35mm lift and 240 (1mm) true duration, exhaust cam 11.35mm lift and 227 (1mm) true duration. Cam timing is 1.8mm TDC on intake and 1.0mm TDC on exhaust.

Ported head with 6mm stock valves and dual valve springs. All other parts inside engine are stock.

Im using S60R bigger crankcase breather with 1" line to outside under the car, no breathing issues with that even with 2.7bar boost and 8000rpm revlimit.

E85 is wonderful stuff, i have Bosch ev14 2000cc injectors which im running lower base pressure 2bar and then they are 1720cc, and now open 85% on top rpms.

Also there is walbro 255 fuel pump inside stock fuel tank and 7.5mm lines going to 1.5liter catch can where on Walbro 330liters fuel pump feeds engine with a help of Kenne bell boost a pump which is on 15V and raising fuel delivery to 370lph. :)

Ignition system is stock T4 coils and NGK BCR8ES sparkplugs with 0.6mm gap. Works perfect. :)

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