My Volvo S40 T4 700hp with Holset

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Those are Special edition 17" wheels for latest x40 volvos 2003-2004 year made by bbs for volvo and very light weight also. I ran these end of 2017 and no problems and no cracks. 16" wheels bbs are more common and these 17" are very rare. Volvo stock color for these was like darker gray and because these are used wheels there was some stone marks on paint and looked no good. Now paint is bbs normal brighter color which i like very much. :)

I did retard exhaust cam 0.5mm for this year to get more aggressive spool and will test it more when summer comes here maybe next month when snow melts. :) 

Spool is good and no need for more modern turbo because then engine will brake :D 650nm is maximum torque which it hold in long term. Have driven now 10000km on this engine and no problems :)

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Hi! This is my little s40 t4 from 1998 year. It has now about 700hp / 700nm with 3.0bar boost pressure. Here you can find more specs in english: - B4194T

308km/h @ 1609m. 191mph on standing mile. Stock headgasket + stock head bolts and 2.5" intercooler piping and 600x300x89mm garrett intercooler.

Butriz: V40 B4194T with modified HX40 Sute: V40 B4204T2 with darton mid sleeves and high compression Kasipuokki: 850 T5 with diesel block and S60R cylinder head Vekku: V40 B4194T2 with

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