Tommy's 855R Adventures


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Getting everything finished up!









Troubleshooting a bit at 12:30pm


So we started her up finally at about 12:30pm. Tom had a two hour drive home and had to work at 8am the next day, so even though it was running with what seemed to be a bit of a vacuum leak, Thomas departed around 1:00am. Bye Tom!

Brandon ended up hanging out and finishing all the stuff with me, like putting the hood back on and other miscellaneous stuff, we also cleaned up the shop. Took her for a test drive and DAMN. That was all I could say the whole drive, the wagon has new life and pulls like a freight train! Brandon was there till 3am with me and had a three hour drive back to Jersey for work the next day at 700am. He left after we cleaned up the shop and my Dad and I slept in the back of the wagons (I love sleeping in the back of this thing) for 3 hours and departed at 6am the next day.

We drove the first 200 miles of the trip back and my pops noticed from behind me that there was a lot of oil coming off the car. We stopped to check it out and oil was literally dripping from everywhere, in that stretch, I had lost close to 2 quarts… later we found out when we got home that it was the RMS. During the journey home we stopped every 100 miles to keep it topped off and never went below the halfway line on the dipstick, there was nothing else we could do at that point, so keeping it topped off was the best option and we got home at 11:00 almost on the dot. Here are some photos my pops took as he was trying to drive the other wagon










Fun fact, remember the Coral V70 AWD I mentioned wayyyyy up there? Well, we went to finish it up Saturday night and put the driveshaft in. Started it up with the coolant cap off, Buckingham fountain exploded out of the coolant reservoir… the headgasket was bad. Thomas had brought the 2000VR that he swapped the LPT engine into a few months earlier because Brandon was going to purchase it at some point. Brandon told my Dad and I to take the V70R XC home with us since the Coral was not drivable. WHAT A GUY! :D :D

So the plan is to have round 2, and this time Massachusetts will be coming to Illinois, and hopefully it will be just a lot of relaxing and drinking beer :lol:

Well, that’s all for now, this will serve as my build thread as well so I hope it doesn’t get deleted/archived/un-findable like my last one.

And once again, I cannot say thank you enough to Brandon, Tom, Jay and my Dad for helping me with the arduous task and making such a great memory of this legendary weekend!

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It was a fun trip indeed. We could've knocked out the majority of the work on sat IF it wasn't blazing hot and don't start raining. I need spacers for the rear too

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Awesome stuff, as Travis said: great to see this still happening through VS.

The RMS is a pain to get right. Try finding a piece of PCV that is the same diameter and use it to push it in evenly. Easiest way to do it, otherwise you'll bunch up somewhere and fold it without knowing it.

I would recommend changing that water pipe that runs above the exhaust. Mine looks the same and is super thin in one spot. It will eventually rust through. IIRC, the part is cheap from Volvo, I have a new one to install ASAP.

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