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93 N.a. Cams

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94 na cams will work just as well.

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    • By hcaznacnud
      Hey volvospeed!
      I have just recently installed a 20T turbo, 7 cm2 turbo exhaust housing, NA intake and exhaust cams, NA throttle body and air intake, BOSCH EV14 550 cc/min injectors, and an ARD tune. I did this about two days ago now and when I finished putting everything on the car started up fine. I let the car idle for about 5 minutes, and then took the  car for a test drive. As a side note I have swapped the automatic transmission for a manual M56H transmission, this was many months ago. But, I took the car for a test drive and when I would accelerate the car would not respond to the throttle then would backfire a few times, and would then repeat a few more times before the car lost all form of power and stalled itself out. I tried turning the car over but it would only crank not start. The next day I went over a few things to see what could be causing the issue. I pulled the spark plugs out and there was not a single hint of too much fuel. I next checked the shredder valve to be sure I was getting fuel and yes I did have fuel pressure. When I installed the cams which are both from an NA car I retarded the exhaust cam to -4 degrees and the intake cam to -6 degrees. ARD recommended, -4 exhaust and -8 intake, but I thought this a bit much. Does anyone know if the cams are the problem? The only other thing I can think of is that the tune is goofed in some way. The car did start and the car idled down to a beautiful purr but after driving it, which I only did 1/4 to 1/2 throttle (hard to remember but i know the car had to adjust parameters before I really lay into it so I did not go heavy), the car backfired then stalled and will not start again. If anyone has any info they would like to share please do.
    • By Big Will
      I have 4 new in box Mahle pistons for non-turbo 850 and 98 S/V70s. The Mahle part number is 038 14 01. These are referred to as OS1 pistons (1st oversize). I bought these a while back here in Germany. Comes with pistons rings already installed and new wrist pins.

      These cross-reference with Volvo part number: 272152 (no longer available through Volvo).


      *If you would like me to get the 5th piston to complete the set, I can do so as they are available here and would only ask that you reimburse me the cost which is $75 and would make the total $300 shipped.

    • By knel92
      I recently (3 weeks ago) purchased a 95 850 na automatic, it had a blown head gasket and I picked it up for $300 I plan on building it for either auto cross or rally cross, the classes that I would like to run in are for naturally aspirated engines only... that is why I am building a na 850 instead of a turbo model. I have the head off already and am working on gasket matching the head as well as the intake manifold, also picked up an insulated gasket from ipd to try and keep intake temps down as much as possible. I also have purchased upgraded ignition components and am planning on doing poly torque mounts as well. as I get ready to put this baby back together I am wondering weather or not to advance the cams slightly. does anyone have any experience in doing so on a na motor and how far can I go with them. I'm trying to pull every last ounce of power out of this na motor. I know that the auto trans will hurt me in the long run and have been studying up on a few threads about a manual conversion, also I have tried to find if anyone makes a shift kit for the auto trans and have been unsuccessful so far... if anyone knows of one out there that would also be greatly appreciated.
      My later plans once I get her running again are for suspension as mine is getting up there in age, possibly replacing with coil overs. I also am planning on upgrading the brakes with slotted rotors and ceramic pads as well as stainless lines and maybe even use R calipers depending what I can get them for.
    • By Tommy.
      Just like the title says. I can't seem to find the one I had laying around so if anyone has one that would be amazing. 
    • By wagonfan
      The day I bought my baby