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On 8/9/2016 at 7:50 AM, venderbroeck said:



Anybody that has one of these care to share their experience? 

I got one recently but can't seem to get it to work.  When I plug it in, it beeps out a little diddy but then I go for a drive and there's no file is on the sd card afterward.  Do you have yours hard-wired into the car?  So far I've only plugged into the obd2 port with it.  Any trick I need to know about?  Yes, logging is enabled permanently in the ecu; logging from laptop works fine.

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19 hours ago, venderbroeck said:

It is, I've finally got more or less all the parts to build it. :D
I'll probably keep a little build log in here, although most ppl here already saw an engine being built ofc :P

VS needs all it can get. You should definitely make a separate build thread. 

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Soo it's been quite a while.
As I've already sent to a lot of people, I had to get away from the forums and other volvo related stuff to finish graduating.
I'm back again though, so time to catch up again.

My engine build has progressed a tiny bit, but not much. I've been looking around for some valve buckets. The valve lash had become too small, as I had ground the seats for the three angle valve job.
Those buckets are ~18 euro a piece, and I needed 13 new ones :P 
After looking around some I had found a webpage online where someone described machining the buckets to size. My uncle is a machinist, and fortunately he agreed to machine the buckets for me.
So lucky break there, saving me a lot of money.
When I get those back the engine is ready to be put together the rest of the way. I have all the parts needed on hand.

Apart from that I've been busy cooking up a BBK to got with my increased power.
I will explain it in a little more detail when my engine build thread gets de-archived (mods? :) ).

I'm now in the process of getting back to everybody who has sent me a message the past few months.
Feel free to ping me though.

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