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It's been a while, but I've been working on a new trinket in my spare time. Here it is: This gem is a little rough to look at still, but it makes up for that in functionality. Everytime I start my c

With the amount of defloaters I have to produce soon I'm a little hestitant to post this already, but I can't help it :) The first 'production' model of the sd-card logger is nearly finished:

Something a little bit different for this post. I always thought the 'throttle hang' while shifting, and the inablilty to engine brake effectively was hugely annoying. I always had to either shift s

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Ok great, i have added you to the list.

I've worked out the group buy price, and everybody should have a PM.
If not let me know.

I am going to need at least part of the money up front to buy the required parts, so hopefully that is not a problem.
If at all possible, I'd like to dedicate the first week of februari to building them. 
The goal would be to have them all finished at the end of that week.

Also, we need to work out the shipping process.
It would be great if someone could act as a distributing point, so they can be sent to the US in one package.
This would reduce the shipping cost a lot.

Edit: I realised I sent the price in Euro, so don't forget to convert. The difference isn't very big anymore though.

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Why not beep based on KRCOUNT instead of BITS? You could have a variable based pitch based on the number of detonation events vs time or perhaps a different pitch during multiple cylinder knock events.

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It could trigger a beep on KRCOUNT, but it would essentially do the same thing I think.
The variable pitch based on KRCOUNT idea is interesting though, I could test that out.
I guess the big issue would be that these events happen very quickly, and different instances of these events may happen within a very short timeframe.
All these different beeps may be quite erratic, and hard to discern, if at all audible.

Ultimately I want to try to keep it simple, and easy to interpret.
One can always configure one of the alarms to trigger when krcount reaches a certain number.
Maybe knowing that you have a certain amount of knock, or even sum of retard values, is enough info while behind the wheel.
Then it's just a matter of pulling the log off the sd-card to analyse what happened.

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I have sent everybody a PM about the payment up front.
I'll be ordering parts coming friday, and I will start building when they get in.
The aim is to finish building them at the end of the week, and having them shipped out the week after.

I still need someone to volunteer distributing them in the US so I can send them all in one package.
Anybody up for that?

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Ive been using one of these log boxes for some time now, plugged it in a forgot about, There must be over 100 logs on the card now. Ive had no reason to check the logs as the car has been running sweet, its there just in case of any issues though, saves messing with the laptop every time you want to log. Brilliant thing to have, HIGHLY recommend buying one

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Alright, so a lot of the people on the list have followed through which is great!
Not everybody has responded to my last PM (about the payment up front / confirmation) yet, so I decided to start ordering parts tomorrow morning (in about 9 hours from now).
Just to give everybody a chance to respond.
I will keep this thread updated with the build progress once the parts arrive.

Also just to be sure that everyone knows: The RPM defloater only works on m43 and m44 equipped cars. It's not compatible with cars using a ME7 ECU.
The N/A models with siemens phoenix systems are untested.


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