The VAST Wagon Build


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I ran those 20mm front and 25mm rear spacers with +43ET TDRs 215/45R17. Really not a good choice on thickness, I had a substantial amount of rubbing. I think 18mm front and 20mm rear would have been much better.

I was planning on getting them shaved, but I'm planning on mounting +50ET 18's, so I'll reconsider once I get the new wheels.

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Really Nice Work and excellent documentation!

Couple of questions -

Did you use regular submersible fuel line to replace the stock nipple/line seal? I'm not sure that the feeder nipple is actually a significant concern, given I made 450AWHP using all stock lines with the DW300 pump. It certainly can't hurt since you are using one pump to feed the rail.

I also considered placing the FPR by the firewall, however I was concerned about the heat soak off the exhaust. Significant issue with headers, not quite so bad with a stock manifold. With a larger turbo & 3" exhaust, yours may still end up being a little too close. You may want to add an additional heat shield?

You will be using a AN06 radius elbow fitting on the fuel rail instead of a 90º degree, I presume?

How did you find that the Corvette shocks were similar dimensions to begin with?

Looking forward to more updates.

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I used the fuel line that came with the AEM pump. I certainly hope that the fuel line they provided is rated for fuel submersion, but thinking about it I never double checked. I'll give them a call on Monday to check.

I was/am a little worried about the proximity of the fuel lines to the exhaust, but I had my old rubber hoses just as close and never had any issues. I'll bust out the infrared thermometer right after some aggressive driving and see what the temperature is. I'm planning on upgrading to a tubular manifold, so I might consider shielding the lines at that point. For the time being, I really like the look of them as-is.

I would like to tell you how I found out about the Corvette shocks, but I think if I gave you an actual figure for the amount of time I spend on a computer researching such things you would get sick. It actually wasn't too bad once I knew what I was looking for. The majority of after market shock distributors post lists of all their shocks. I knew the weight, length and then had to make an educated guess on lower mount style. Orientation was also a consideration since I wanted twin tube shocks.

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Matt told me that his rubber fuel line provided by AEM disintegrated within a week. He was having issues and found that to be the culprit. Not sure if this is the hose you are talking about, but just wanted to let you know.

My AEM fuel hose dissenrgrated in the tank and turned very soft and mushy causing it to keep slipping off.

Build looks good so far.

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