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Peacocks Wagon Build

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11 hours ago, Commander Riker said:

How many miles does your car have?  Did you notice the sub frame bushings as an improvement?  I think mine are going at 230k.

151,000 after the trip to do this swap. The sub frame bushings looked great actually. The improvement they give is cornering consistency. The sub frame as little to no shift when cornering so you don't have to re adjust your angle once in a turn. 

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Adding to the wealth of knowledge about manual swaps I figured it's worth confirming that the connector PN 8690674 is indeed correct for the reverse lights (Thanks Lookforjoe). It's made by EPC connectors and is "EPC E-4014" It was only $4.73 before tax. There's another website that lists is for $1.62 however they have a minimum processing amount so they want $38 basically. Tasca also sells the terminals that plug right into it. 

Housing - EPC housing

Terminals - Terminals

Hose - The savings!


Somehow the OEM upper hose is cheaper then the parts store version. Go figure..

Edited by apeacock
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Still getting the holes closed up. Sunday I took out the shift lever and removed the last of the plastic cable runner and foam material from the drive shaft hump. You really need to remove every piece of it to have it sit on the floor. 


I used 2 washers under the 3 corners. Then a washer / rubber doughnut  / washer / bolt on top of that. 

Note as well I've not see a good picture of the wiring in this section. I routed the SRS loom over the cables where they come into the center console, then put them to the left of the lever. The heated seat power sits nicely between the two cables. I then zip tied the OBD II loom to the big metal H shaped piece so it clears the vertical shift arm without rubbing. 

I've seen the SRS wires placed right under neath but with the lower section of the shift arm protruding just enough it seems wise to get them safe and out of the way. 

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You've done an awesome job with the project. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing it.

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Nice work man! Really looking forward to seeing this car over the summer. You're coming to Ithaca right?

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4 hours ago, Timbo Slice said:

Nice work man! Really looking forward to seeing this car over the summer. You're coming to Ithaca right?

I'll be there!


8 hours ago, Big Will said:

You've done an awesome job with the project. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing it.

Thanks! and thanks for answering a few questions down the line!



18 hours ago, Domo said:



Thumbs up!

Got my rear damper back from Ohlins USA. Really ashamed I had it in there improperly and it tore through the cable. 
You can see how much it ate away at the body. 

New tube and new more oil. Really dumb $200 mistake. 

Edited by apeacock
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May Update:

Fixed a gnarly random misfire with new Volvo plugs.

Hopefully fixed the lower drain on the PCV breather box. The previous part was correct however It seems that the clamps FCP provides might do more harm then good potentially deforming the metal ring causing a leak. 

I also can't say what it means but while they look the same, the old part was marked 28 and the new one 21. 

Coolant bottle had a crack in the top so out it goes. The new one looks so much better too, hard to believe something has basic as that makes that big of a visual difference under the hood. 

Long debated is the location of the front strut reservoirs. I know it can't be the best place for them and I'm considering a relocation but wanted to gather some hard evidence before doing so. Erik from Ohlins USA said while he didn't have a set maximum temperature they should be exposed too, his track experience showed 150-200* was a good range. 

While not scientific I drove to my mechanics, stopped, drove to the store, stopped, drove home, walked inside got the temp gun and took these measurements. There were also some nice hard pulls in the mix there
Measure the top and bottom of the unit.

Drivers side front


Exposed portion of the turbo

Wrapped portion of the down pipe. 


Makes me think i should cover that exposed portion. 

Bonus Volvo 240 stuff:
Installed my junkyard find drivers door pocket and some un-destroyed blue seats. 

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With the pcv leak and everything else maybe finally done for the time being I could actually turn my sights on cosmetic upgrades to the engine bay. 

I only painted from just above the intake up but when standing looking at it seems to come across nicely. 

Andy and another member here guided me a bit on paint choice. I went with Duplicolor self etching primer and the "Aluminum" engine enamel paint color. 
Can on the left is the one you want.
I can also safely say I can have the engine and everything down to this state in about 60 minutes now. Alternator out, ps off as well for paint


I used some spare junkyard injectors to keep the ports clear and I would 100% recommend this as the best way to keep where they sit in the intake clear. 

Spare oil cap doing it's job as well. 

Looking good!

Finished product. Also wiped down all the black plastic under the hood. 

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Ah so you painted the top of the block in the bay! Sweet!

It looks great - I love it when under the hood has some detail ;)

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18 hours ago, gmsgltr said:

Ah so you painted the top of the block in the bay! Sweet!

It looks great - I love it when under the hood has some detail ;)

yes indeed! took inspiration from Andy and the guy with the crazy 850R. 

Figured I could finally turn my sights on engine appearance with the PCV oil leak and Coolant etc all taken care of. I took the manifold out to paint it as well as the PS pump. 

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Just a text post today:

I realized as some already may have. That the passenger side seat foam fits the drivers side as well. While it's possible to even use the lower leather portion, I decided to keep my better condition non stained leather from the R seats i bought. 

The swap took no more then 45 minutes (seat was already out). Just a matter of undoing snipping the hog rings on the edges and then from the front and back of the center cross over portions. 

The difference is amazing. Whenever I ride in the passenger seat of my cars I'm really jealous as to how high up the seat seems to be.

Very much a swap I would recommend. 

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On 6/17/2016 at 10:39 AM, Timbo Slice said:

See you at Ithaca tomorrow? :D

Car is coming together!

Had a wedding to shoot. They only booked two weeks ago. =[

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    • By zman172
      2006 Volvo v70 (120,000 miles) part out list of parts below:
      Box #1
      Steering wheel
      Trunk hatch carpeted trim
      Center console
      Box #2
      Car jack and breaker bar red handle and tow bar
      A/C compressor
      Windshield wiper motor
      Accelerator pedal
      Fuel door lock solenoid
      Navigation Antenna
      Antenna amplifier (green or orange x2)
      Ignition immobilizer
      Ignition switch starter
      Turn signal stalk
      Sensor alarm
      Seat belt restraints (x2)
      Door sill plates (x2)
      Metal radio pocket
      Volvo plastic radio pocket
      A/C control unit
      Side view mirror left
      Servotronic fuse relay
      Trunk latch
      Windshield wiper stalk
      Overhead light driver front
      Rear bumper trim (x2)
      Dashboard trim
      Instrument border
      Rear speaker covers
      Driver motor seat controls
      Passenger motor seat controls
      Gear shifter
      Steering wheel column cover
      Door speaker covers front (x2)
      Center console trim (x2)
      Rear carpeted trim panels (x2 one thin one thick)
      Front cupholders
      Rear cargo upper trim with dome light
      Master cylinder
      Box #3
      Side view mirror right
      Wooden door handle trim pieces (x4)
      Fuel pump regulator
      Overhead dome light rear
      Windshield rain sensor
      Tan headrest with long spikes
      Tan headrest with brackets (x2)
      Rear armrest with cupholders
      Flip down sun shield left (red wire)
      Flip down sun shield right (green wire)
      Rear view mirror and wiring harness
      Power steering pump tank
      Right upper brake light
      Right lower brake light
      Armrest for front seats
      Driver window switch box
      Front passenger window switch
      Airbag sensor
      Rear speakers (x2)
      Box #4
      Side airbags (x2)
      Spare tire
      Rear fuse relay box
      Rear third brake light
      Emergency brake with leather
      Rear trunk speaker trim (x2)
      Right rear trunk carpet trim
      Box #5
      All 4 door panels
      Back hatch carpeted floor (x2 one thin one thick)
      Rear bottom single seat
      Single seat leather upper
      Double seat leather upper
      Left and right rear seat bolsters
      Right front carpet
      Left front carpet
      Drivers front seat
      Passenger front seat
      Rear trunk hatch trim
      Box 6
      Braking systems (x2)
      Glove box
      Emergency brake trim (x2)
      Center console back plate
      Passenger lower dash cover
      Floor door trim (x2)
      Front door handles
      License plate frame
      Seat railing covers
      Box 7
      Instrument cluster 163000
      Radio trim
      Shifter trim
      Trunk trim (long back piece (x2) and shoulder piece
      Floor door trim (x2 longer pieces)
      Rain sensor cover
      Dash radio storage box
      Fuse panel cover
      Gas tank cover
      Front air bag crash sensor
      Rear air bag crash sensors
      Air bag impact sensor
      Headlight switch
      Hazard light switch
      Dashboard airbag
      Box 8:
      On pallet not in box:
      Door pillar vents (x2)
      Torque rod
      Windshield wiper motor cover with seal
      Trunk pillar covers (x2)
      Left side skirt cover
      Right side skirt cover
      Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 longer)
      Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 shorter)
      Trunk trim with cut out for lock
      Trunk trim no cut out
      Left and right trim railings (x2)

    • By lowbudgetracing
      factory volvo key fobs where i work used to be a volvo dealer and some of the left over inventory was a bag of factory key fobs. there brand new volvo parts. they may need new batters from sitting on the shelf for so long. they will need to be programed by the volvo dealer. can be found here on amazon

      set of 4 s60r 18" wheels off 2012 s60r, center has been bored out buy a wheel shop to 65.1 mm to fit older 850, v70 and s70.
      rims are not bent and in great shape 600$ located in concord California
      can be seen here
    • By andyb5
      Here's the story behind my new-to-me 2000 V70 R. Its gonna be a long post, and picture heavy too!
      This thread will serve as a continuation of sorts of my 1999 V70 R build, which can be read here:
      The conclusion to that thread will come later this summer, as I will be pulling all the modifications of my 99 R, and transferring them to the 00 R.  Now, onto the details of my new Venetian Red 00 R!
      My friend sent me the for sale ad on Facebook:

      Here's a couple of the photos from the listing:

      After spending a few weeks negotiating with the seller, I bought a one way flight to Denver, packed some tools in my bag (I did, however, forgot to pack underwear ) and went to visit some friends before picking up a car and driving it 1900 miles across the country back to New York!!!
      I landed in Denver Friday evening (May 12) in the early evening.  While there, I got to check out the murals of the Denver Airport, and see all the other bits that are the basis for a long list of conspiracy theories.

      Here's how it sat when I picked it up from the seller at a shopping center a short walk from my friends apartment.

      Shortly after taking delivery of my R, I went on a hike in up Golden with my friends.  The views were stunning to say the least.

      After lots of fun touring around the Denver area on Saturday, I packed my stuff into the car and started driving back to NY on Sunday morning (May 14th) with plans to stop at my friend's place in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Here are some photos from the drive Sunday.  Nebraska was wide open, flat, and very easy to drive through:

      Drove through miles of turbines in Iowa (despite the picture being of a singular turbine).  There's a Don Quixote joke here somewhere....

      Cruising towards Cedar Falls, Iowa and got to watch the sun set

      Sunday's drive was about 800 miles, which took about 12 hours, and the drive home was off to a great, relatively easy start.
      Here's how my car sat outside my buddy's place in Iowa on Monday morning

      When I left Iowa Monday morning, my destination was headed to Anthony's (@apeacock) house near Buffalo, NY.  Monday held about 850 miles of driving, which was about 13 hours of driving.
      Stopped for gas in PA.  I had a hard time with card reader on the pumps though....

      Made it to Anthony's around 10pm, took him for a quick test drive, and then face-planted into the extremely comfortable bed in his guest room.
      Monday morning before I left his house, Anthony took this photo of our wagons together

      Made good time on my way back to Troy on Tuesday morning - at this point, 300 miles seemed like a short drive to me   I got to enjoy some really nice views in the mountains in western NY:

      Here's how the odometer when I made it home:
      The entire trip was 1960 miles, and I managed an average of 26.8 mpg at an average speed of 70 mph.  All of this was calculated from the trip computer. 
      And here's how my two wagons sat when I got the office on Tuesday at noon:

      Earlier tonight I got it registered in NY, so now the build can begin.  Stay tuned, this should be a fun project and I'm very excited to get working on it  
    • By cryptophilosopher
      98 99 00 01 02 03 04 VOLVO S70 S40 S80 V40 KEYLESS ENTRY KEY FOB OEM
    • By cruzvolvo
      T-5R Wagon (1995), black, automatic transmission, mostly original with a few moderate suspension upgrades. Approximately 175k, with careful and regular service. This was a California car for most of its life, and is (from best estimates) one of fewer than 100 still on the road in the U.S. It comes with: IPD 3" cat-back exhaust; 4 steelies with snow tires mounted; trailer hitch; original parts no longer installed; and your choice of body panels and parts from a 1995 black 850 NA wagon (parts car). I am a motivated seller and will take $3,000, for the next two weeks. Contact me and I'll answer all questions, to the best of my knowledge, and send any additional pictures that you may want. The car can be seen in Delaware, near I-95.