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Peacocks Wagon Build

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10 minutes ago, gmsgltr said:

what kind of wood? looks nice

Thanks! 8" tall Cedar Ship lap from home depot. Coated it with Thompsons water seal / stain. I can check the exact color if you like. It came out with some brush strokes in it but If used with a sprayer or roller it might be more consistent. 

2 minutes ago, andyb5 said:

Sorry to hear about the fuel leak :sad: having dealt with that far too many times it is not a fun experience.

You can patch the damaged section of stock rubber/nylon line with the kit I linked in this thread:


It was alarming to say the least. When I get it back I'm going to put an extinguisher in the passenger foot-well and a 5lb one in the boot. 
The leak is about 3-4 inches past the mid joint. My mechanic is going to see about fixing that portion of the line for me. Wont be until next week as he had some bad luck and had radiator cap burst burning his arm (not from my car thankfully) 

I also got the AEM 6x9" filter for the MAF upgrade. Bit the bullet and went with the pre-made very pretty housing. 


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3 minutes ago, Tightmopedman9 said:

Just re do the lines, the stock 5/16" lines won't cut it with the 7064

Maybe possible when doing the pump but a this point I can't. I heard it was adequate for it but it could be wrong. 


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9 minutes ago, Tightmopedman9 said:

Just re do the lines, the stock 5/16" lines won't cut it with the 7064

I have 7.5mm both fuel lines and 707hp e85. ;)

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Filter and MAF housing put together. Working on the dongle for the TCV still. 


Added more lights to the garage. I decided to put them nose in and only added an outlet above the back in position for now. 
Was able to work on the XC until the we hours of the morning thanks to light not being an issue. 

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And it's 'done'! 

The pump upgrade got a little complicated when the pump to filter line split open from a soft breeze. We eliminated the hard line from the tank outlet to the pressure release valve that lives above the tank. There was also a complication with some goop (literal semi soft rubber goop) used to fill the pump top and hold the wires in place. 

The tune takes a very long time to get just right. While it would have been great to have a little more time I think it's in a really great spot for right now. The car commands just about 23psi at full tilt. 

We tried to track down a bit of a leaking issue with high  boost levels. Put in a new intake gasket and a new TB gasket on Sunday. It helped things but it still has a round of rushing high pressure air when under full boost. We can't quiet figure out where it's coming from as everything is tight on the intake side. It's possible it is the cup joint on the downpipe. 



Test fit, wont clear the big brakes

Stopped by the student shop in Troy Thursday to see @andyb5 and Matt. 


I'll have to make a nice video of it in action before the snow hits. 

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Got my fire extinguishers installed. Didn't want to compromise front seat leg space so It went right behind it. A simple squiggle bend lets it sit right on the seat mount. The sheet metal is sort of thin and time will tell if it holds on alright. I've got thicker bar stock to change too but this is fine for now. 

For the rear I really didn't want to drill into the flooring. I made holes for the bottom to mount in that direction but With the foam on the under side it actually holds perfectly fine in place. 


The boards are 3/4" thick the 90* bend was made first and the rest was improvised

Little bend for the rear. If i broke the mount tab off the plastic cover it would fit back on but I'll try that with a junk yard part not my originals

Hastily painted with Summit Racing Chasis enamel. Should have primed them but it was late and I didn't have any left. 

Pop riveted with fender washers under the brackets

Little furniture slider rubber feet to space off the bracket. 


Mount isn't even visible

Looking good!

Rear Mount

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Working on a few issues with Steve right now relating to a weird event Sunday with the car. It was a cold day over all, car had been on and off a few times while shopping. Left the plaza, got up the on ramp. Went to the left lane and gave it a boot full in 5th. Car cut out hard under boost violently and similar to when we were on a very low tank a fuel during the tune session (full tank when this happened)

Some other I have gathered include a potentially faulty Fan relay and a potentially faulty fuel pump relay. 

Perhaps the fan relay? I think it would have just been starting based on the conditions I was in. I puled off the highway and tried a pull again in 3rd, car had no issue and boosted like it should. 
My friend Eric stated that if the car doesn't see the fan kick on when it wants to the car will pull fuel / boost etc. Again a maybe but perhaps worth replacing he part.

Here are the codes the car posted as well. 

Car seemed pretty good today. 

I did also test the throttle and it read what would seem to be normal. 


Pulse jump is the bottom end click. 

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These problems can be difficult to diagnose sometimes, but maybe im a bit closer to figuring it out. I did the ETM test tonight and found there is one or rather a small range of positions in which its very angry. 

If I take it for a drive tomorrow I will run the test once more and see if being warm changes the point of fault. 


etm test 2.PNG

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New TB improved the car noticeably. 

Also solved the loud boost leak hissing noise, was either 1-3 loose manifold bolts, the 2 loose turbo to flange bolts (I don't think I have enough NordLocks on there) or the loose compressor housing. Really thought I had all of this tight. 

Drove it yesterday for the first timein 2 weeks. Still a blast. 

This was after the first big lake effect storm. Happy to have a garage!

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11 hours ago, lookforjoe said:

Whose is the 500? Is it an Abarth  :blush: ?

You don't know??? Faulty warrior is his roommate 

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      Trunk hatch carpeted trim
      Center console
      Box #2
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      A/C compressor
      Windshield wiper motor
      Accelerator pedal
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      Navigation Antenna
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      Turn signal stalk
      Sensor alarm
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      Volvo plastic radio pocket
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      Side view mirror left
      Servotronic fuse relay
      Trunk latch
      Windshield wiper stalk
      Overhead light driver front
      Rear bumper trim (x2)
      Dashboard trim
      Instrument border
      Rear speaker covers
      Driver motor seat controls
      Passenger motor seat controls
      Gear shifter
      Steering wheel column cover
      Door speaker covers front (x2)
      Center console trim (x2)
      Rear carpeted trim panels (x2 one thin one thick)
      Front cupholders
      Rear cargo upper trim with dome light
      Master cylinder
      Box #3
      Side view mirror right
      Wooden door handle trim pieces (x4)
      Fuel pump regulator
      Overhead dome light rear
      Windshield rain sensor
      Tan headrest with long spikes
      Tan headrest with brackets (x2)
      Rear armrest with cupholders
      Flip down sun shield left (red wire)
      Flip down sun shield right (green wire)
      Rear view mirror and wiring harness
      Power steering pump tank
      Right upper brake light
      Right lower brake light
      Armrest for front seats
      Driver window switch box
      Front passenger window switch
      Airbag sensor
      Rear speakers (x2)
      Box #4
      Side airbags (x2)
      Spare tire
      Rear fuse relay box
      Rear third brake light
      Emergency brake with leather
      Rear trunk speaker trim (x2)
      Right rear trunk carpet trim
      Box #5
      All 4 door panels
      Back hatch carpeted floor (x2 one thin one thick)
      Rear bottom single seat
      Single seat leather upper
      Double seat leather upper
      Left and right rear seat bolsters
      Right front carpet
      Left front carpet
      Drivers front seat
      Passenger front seat
      Rear trunk hatch trim
      Box 6
      Braking systems (x2)
      Glove box
      Emergency brake trim (x2)
      Center console back plate
      Passenger lower dash cover
      Floor door trim (x2)
      Front door handles
      License plate frame
      Seat railing covers
      Box 7
      Instrument cluster 163000
      Radio trim
      Shifter trim
      Trunk trim (long back piece (x2) and shoulder piece
      Floor door trim (x2 longer pieces)
      Rain sensor cover
      Dash radio storage box
      Fuse panel cover
      Gas tank cover
      Front air bag crash sensor
      Rear air bag crash sensors
      Air bag impact sensor
      Headlight switch
      Hazard light switch
      Dashboard airbag
      Box 8:
      On pallet not in box:
      Door pillar vents (x2)
      Torque rod
      Windshield wiper motor cover with seal
      Trunk pillar covers (x2)
      Left side skirt cover
      Right side skirt cover
      Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 longer)
      Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 shorter)
      Trunk trim with cut out for lock
      Trunk trim no cut out
      Left and right trim railings (x2)