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I have had Facebook and Google+ integration running on here for a while, so I am pretty sure everything is set up and within their TOS. Twitter on the other hand is new, so I would appreciate any help assuring everything is running smoothly. If you make a post that you think would get attention also on FB, twitter, or any of the other social media sites, can you please try the links at the bottom of every post, and report back any issues or feedback you have. Thank you.

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    • By matt1122
      The Volvospeed Facebook Group needs a cover photo, and I am too lazy to make one and think contest are way fun. Therefore, here are the rules:

      The deadline for submission is Friday, June 15, 2012 at 5:01am GMT. Any and all images posted in this topic are submissions. To be valid, a submission must be 850 pixels wide, 250 pixels tall, and be in the JPEG or PNG file format. The Volvospeed logo should not be superimposed onto the image. The theme of the image should be Volvo cars. Only photos you have shot yourself are valid for submission. Please be sure your submission does not contain any copyrighted, trademarked, or other third party material. By submitting an image, you grant anyone and everyone the right to modify and redistribute the image as necessary but only in conjunction with preparing the photo or image for use on the Volvospeed Facebook discussion group, including possibly adding the Volvospeed logo to your image.
      Finalists will be selected by myself and a poll will be created to vote for the winning winner. The prize for winning this contest is...

      I will click the + feedback button on your post and you will get one points! Yay!

      Your image will also be featured at the top of the Volvospeed Facebook Group and you will be given credit for the image in the group info.
    • By Che'_Moderator
      For those whom are interested here is a reminder from Volvo.

      We're hours away from our next #Swedespeak. Joining us from our Design Center in California is Design Director Christopher Benjamin. Christopher has incredible insight to offer on the past, present and future of Volvo design. Don't miss this exclusive edition of #Swedespeak and come prepared with questions as nothing will be off limits.
    • By Che'_Moderator
      I love these debates LOL:
    • By Che'_Moderator
      I love google. All seriousness I know they do tons of stupid moves. Most recently the delayed launch of google+ for business comes to mind. Before that there was the whole no google+ access for apps users. All of that aside, google is an amazing company. Look how much information they sort on a daily basis. I tell people all the time, "unless google's servers are all down I do not want to hear a stupid comment from you". Anyone who seriously thinks google sucks must have no idea how much is going on behind the scene. They bring you a full online office suite with apps, search engines, video hosting with youtube, maps, gps, anything you can think of and 99% of the time free to the end used.

      For those reasons I laugh when people say google+ does not stand a chance against facebook. Google can leverage SEO against their google+ pages, which FB cannot. Add to that they own youtube, and are now sorting your search results based on who you are friends with. Tie it all together with google apps and maps and there is really no reason to leave. What I like more is that unlike facebook google+ is encouraging sites to develop their own content not content on facebook. I really think from the business standpoint facebook set the internet back years.

      If you have any doubt just look at it from a visual stand point. Look at volvospeed's facebook page then their google+ page. What looks cleaner to you:

    • By Che'_Moderator
      Just a reminder to follow us or check the following sites in the event of a server outage. I will post updates on how long we expect to be down and when we are back up.

      Volvospeed On Twitter
      Volvospeed On Myspace
      Volvospeed On Facebook