Project 95


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Coming together nicely, Taras!  I need to see it in person some time.

Thanks. Hopefully really soon )

That interior looks great!!! Wow!

Appreciate it.

I had these wheels sitting here for a while, finally dropped a coin for new tires too. Also picked up 4 wheel and hub -centric adapters for $150 earlier. Gotta love Turbobricks

Wheels are Mercedes style 1053 made by Ronal  17x8.5 et47

Adapters are 15 and 30mm

Looks ok, I need to wash damn thing



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Looks good, needs more v70 tails though!

Got those sitting in garage. They will go on , eventually 


Anyone knows anything about this wood trim? Only 2 photos I found are from early, 92-93 models. I want one! Will appreciate any pointers.


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Here are some photos from my recent trips around Washington.

On the way to ocean shore, in Olympic National Forest





Made it to the beach. On the second try. The only car that I've seen there too, mostly trucks and some SUVs

The first time I've been to the Washington ocean shore when it wasn;t raining which was nice haha.  Amazing scenery




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Ballsy going out on the sand!  I did that once in my red wagon, promptly got stuck.  We took our family down there once, but Ryan didn't care for the wind so I had to sit in the car while my wife tried to enjoy herself all alone.  Looks like you picked a great day for it!

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Washed the car, tried restoring trim with Back to black, but it stayed nice and grey for couple minutes only and then looked almost same as before, after it dried up. $8 down the drain. I should've gone the heatgun route from the beginning

Still looks good cleaned up



Got wood?


And some new matte clear goodness


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Where'd you get the steering wheel?(love it)  is it factory and if so does it come from the 850 or from the s/v/c70 series?  thanks

Dealer installed accessory, very rare part , and I was super lucky to score one. This one came from New Zealand of all places

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