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Timing belt job advice

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So today at a gas station I notice coolant flowing on the ground from under my car.  Upon a quick inspection I believe it's the water pump (coming from above front passenger cv boot). Luckily I was able to make it home without any problems. 

I just hit 300k miles so I was planning on doing a complete timing belt job with vivas Kevlar belt kit.

i was just wondering what's the best guide people have used, and does anyone have any advice or tips before I dive in as this will be my first time tackling this.  Thanks in advance everyone!

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If rather just get it from viva because it comes as a kit with everything so there's no way I could get the wrong belt or something.

this might be a stupid question, but are the timing belt and serpentine belt the same belt on these cars, or are they two completely different belts?

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wizzard_al    122

Serpentine belt is what drives the alternator, power steering pump, A/C compressor. That is what is being done on #3 and #4 of the article ointed to above. 

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...told you it was a stupid question haha.  Sorry about that though, I wasn't gonna read/watch either of them until I was actually ready to do the job.  

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survolvo    2,861

Its always good to look over all the information before hand to make sure you have all extra parts and tools that may be needed.

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