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The Mobile App is a royal PITA. Using iPhone 4s.

Clicking on messages takes me to the FIRST post, which could be ten pages back...

replying sometimes quotes a random reply in the conversation, and the text entry point does not always appear Entire replies can be erased when "submit reply" is hit. 

Tried to edit this post, and inserting a space in existing body if text doesn't work, text entry doesn't work. I had to save the post, then go back and edit in order to make changes.

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H, for the mobile version, touch the "time" writing, under the profile picture of the poster, in the right of the topics page, on each topic. That should take you to the last posted message. It's where it says "6hr" or "27min" or whatever time ago the last posted message was. I had the same problem until I discovered that.

Hope this helps you :)

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